Piute County School District
Special Election - November 7th, 2017
Public Transparency Meeting - October 26th, 2017 (Piute High School Auditorium 6:00 PM MDT)
Proposition #6


Piute County School District is seeking voter authorization to increase the cap of the district’s Voted Local Levy from 0.0004 to 0.0016. The school district is also proposing an equal decrease in the Board Local Levy.
Impartial Analysis                              
Effect on Property Tax Rates    
This proposition would raise the Local Voted Levy by .0012 and lower the Local Board Levy by .0012. Because the voted increase is contingent upon an offset with another school district levy the school district would not be able to raise the total local school board levy without another county wide vote (53A-17a-133(5)(c)). This code prevents a school district from lowering a rate to pass a voted levy increase and then raising the lowered rate in subsequent years without a vote.
Effect on Property Tax Revenue
This proposition requires the statement specified in state code 53A-17a-133(8) that reads "A vote in favor of this tax means that the local school board of [name of the school district] may increase revenue from this property tax without advertising the increase for the next five years.” This statement informs voters that if the Voted Levy is increased to .0016 the school board may choose to leave that rate the same for five years. If the school board chooses to leave the rate the same, the school district could generate more revenue through growth and increased assessed valuations. After five years the school district would have to begin again lowering the rate with increases in assessed valuation.
Effect on School District Revenue
The school district would gain no additional local tax revenue from this change in the 2018 tax year because the combined levies would be the same. The school district would receive an estimated additional $272,242 annually from the state voted levy guarantee program as explained in state code 53A-17a-133(4) and 53A-17a-134(2). If the school board chooses to leave the rate at .0016 in tax years 2019-2022 the school district could also generate additional local revenue through new growth and increased assessed valuations.
Argument In Favor                              
Because some areas of the state have homes and property with higher values, the school districts in those areas can generate more money per student with lower tax rates. The state has passed legislation to help school districts in low home and property value areas by creating state guarantees on the school district property taxes.
These guarantees ensure that a school district generates a specified amount per student for each increment of property tax on the voted and board levies. Guarantees for the Board Levy are available up to a rate of 0.0004 and for the Voted Levy up to 0.0016. This election proposition will align the school districts tax rates with the state guarantees so as to maximize tax revenue without increasing local taxes.
This proposition will bring much needed additional state revenues to the school district without increasing the tax burden on Piute County residents. Please contact the school district if you have questions or concerns. Vote YES for proposition #6 for Piute County schools!
Piute County School District
Board of Education
Argument Against                          
No argument against was submitted.

More Information

For more information please contact Piute County School District at (435) 577-2912.

Official Voter Information Pamphlet Click here


Back To School Employee Letter

August 1, 2017

Employees of Piute School District,

Welcome back to school this year!!! We look forward to another great year of educating students. Research suggest for schools and district to be successful we need several components working together.

These components include:

  • Positive climate with a safe and orderly environment for students and staff
  • High expectations for teachers and students
  • Firm focus on specific goals and vision
  • Strong productive instructional leadership
  • Continual monitoring of student learning
  • Solid partnership of, school, staff, and parents working together for student learning
  • Diverse opportunities for all students to learn
  • Mutual respect and professional decorum on how we treat each other

As we move into the 2017-2018 school year it is my request that we continue the great things we are doing in our schools and keep an eye on some of the suggested ideas that could influence improvement in our schools and district.


Shane Erickson

Superintendent of Schools

Piute County School District

Back To School Parents Letter

August 1, 2017

Parents, Patrons,

It is my opportunity to address you as we start a new school year. We have fantastic schools with great employees.  Our main goal is to hold to a positive district climate that can promote and improve student learning. We are blessed in the Piute valley to have communities working together on behalf of our children’s success.

Today we live in a world where federal mandates with good intentions sometimes drown out what matters most. These initiatives are cloaked in the concept or name of accountability, but unfortunately do very little to enhance student learning. High expectations, we know, are necessary for our children’s success and must be one of our quests, but more under the process of local control not federal mandates. I believe that all children can learn, but not in the same place or in the same way and children should not be viewed in a once size fits all paradigm of thinking. Luckily, here in Piute, our teachers are talented and understand the importance of individualized academic learning, have high expectations, find ways for all students to learn, as well as promote and encourage life skills. We have a student-centered school board and administrators who are collaborative and motivated in the quest of what is best for students.

This year the focus of Piute School District is to promote effective management of learning, school safety, technology evolution for student learning, effective use of data, productive professional development for teachers, continued improvement of the professional learning communities (PLCs), and continued improvement of district climate.

Nelson Mandel stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. So let us gather as friends, teachers, community patrons, and learn and educate our students together for the betterment of Piute County School District.

Have a great year!!!!!!!!

Shane Erickson

Superintendent of Schools

Piute County School District


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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