Patron/Teacher Summary

January 2015

Patrons, Teachers, Employees,

This is a summary of projects, policies and learning programs that our district have been working with this school year.

SAGE Testing:

As many of you are aware SAGE testing results are out. The district is working with the schools to take proactive measures to improve student learning via systemic formative assessment protocol, in an effort to improve test results, graduation rates as well as ACT scores. In addition, interventions to improve SAGE testing will include, class placement, class offerings, and ACT prep.

Professional Development:

We are facilitating technology training for teachers providing focus and training on the teaching standards to improve student learning. We will continue our efforts on the ten teaching standards as well as stay updated on technology.

Building Projects:

Circleville Elementary is having their light system updated; PHS will be updating their heating exchangers. We are looking at roof improvement at Oscarson.

Teacher Evaluation Tool:

The teacher evaluation continues to be a common point of discussion at state levels and in superintendent meetings. This year each teacher’s have or will have received a formative drop in evaluation and summative evaluations. Student growth factors as well as stakeholder survey will be implemented in school years 2015-16 as part of the evaluation process.

PLC Team Progress:

Our district PLC team has made some efforts in aligning curriculum, considering real time assessments, detecting learning gaps, looking at data, and identifying the needs for tier 1, 2, 3 students (meeting the learning needs of all students).

Reading Wonders:

A new literacy program has been implemented into the elementary schools. Teachers have had three phases of training and are running with the program. The district has hired a literacy coach to spearhead and provide infrastructure to the program and its success. Teachers are dedicated to the new program and the furthering students education.

Edivation PD 360:

Edivation PD 360 is a tool that allows teachers to have free access to Professional Development by way of video as well as consortiums with other teachers in learning. They can acquire new training and improved teaching through Edivation on their own free will and timeline.

Pre-School Upstart Program

UPSTART is a very proactive tool for preschool students entering kindergarten, in addition to giving students a head start with reading and other skills; it also augments their ability to use technology at a young age. Parents are more actively involved in their child’s education early because of the vision and criteria the UPSTART program requires of parents to be involved in their child’s education. The UPSTART educators are thrilled with what UPSTART is doing in our district to give our students lead with academic and technology skills for the 21st century. I plead for continued support for this valuable program in our district and state.


We are currently working with CUES to implement overdrive into our district. Overdrive is a system that will allow students the opportunity to check out books electronically and have them availably to read on their iPads giving students a greater variety of reading choices.



Superintendent Erickson