Super Monday Week 32 SY24


A motivational and informational morning message from Superintendent Willis

Week 32 ~ March 25th, 2024

Super Monday Message

It is already the last Monday of March. Time is flying on a great school year. I’ll be brief this week. Hundreds of years ago when many in the world still referred to the page of a book as a leaf; a saying originated about taking a leaf out of another person's book. In those early days of the phrase, the connotation of this saying was neutral or negative because it meant making a copy of someone else's writing (life without printers and copy machines). They might have used the phrase to refer to someone plagiarizing or cheating. Over time the saying has evolved to a positive connotation and has taken the meaning of trying to be more like someone else.

Years ago I was frustrated about something very ordinary and I vented my frustration to an older brother. I’ll always remember that when I finished he laughed at me and said “I’m reading the same book, I’m just a few chapters ahead.” He basically said, I’ve been there and it’s going to be fine. I’ve taken a leaf from the books of my family members many times. As you battle through whatever difficult things you face, keep in mind that others have traveled a similar road and found a positive ending. We can learn so much from each other. 

There is almost always something positive we can learn from every person we interact with. To take a leaf from the book of a friend, neighbor, or co-worker is to try and emulate their best attributes. That can be as simple as responding to a smile with a smile, or as big as the children that try to follow the same path as a favorite professional athlete. We’re all good at something and we’ve all learned some wisdom that would benefit others. Take a leaf and share a story.

Have a great Monday, a great week 32, and a great Spring Break.

Super High Fives

Just a couple of the awesome recent accomplishments that need a big thank you. 

  • A super high five to our Juniors on a well planned and well done prom. The first prom in the new gym was a great success. Lots of hard work by students, advisors, and volunteers that is much appreciated.
  • A super high five to all who participated in the elementary parent/teacher conferences last week. We had great participation and there was a lot of good communication. Also super high fives to all the young artists for sharing their art in the elementary art show.

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