Super Monday Week 31 SY24


A motivational and informational morning message from Superintendent Willis

Week 31 ~ March 18th, 2024

Super Monday Message

Happy 4th quarter! A little colder than some years, but good softball weather is on the way. Today I want to share a parable that helps to focus on what is the most important. It’s a little longer than my normal message, so I’ll try to summarize it.

A certain king pondered some important questions. Three questions pressed him the most: When is the best time to begin something? Who are the most important people to talk and listen to? What is the most important thing to be doing? The king had advisors and counselors give him lots of different responses to these questions. He heard the arguments of religious leaders and magicians, but was not satisfied by any of their answers. He believed the answer to these questions was the key to successfully managing his kingdom.

In the story the king hears of a poor hermit who is considered by the locals to be very wise. The king decides to visit the hermit in disguise and seek his advice. When the king arrives to ask his questions the hermit is digging in his garden. The king asks his questions, but the hermit just keeps working. The king sees the hard labor of the hermit and volunteers to give him a rest while he digs. The hermit and the king start taking turns digging. The king occasionally asks his questions but gets no response.

After a long day of hard labor, the king begins to lose patience. When he goes to voice his questions more forcefully, another man runs out of the woods and faints in front of him. The king and the hermit rush to the man and find him grievously wounded. They work quickly together to care for the man’s wounds. When they finish their work on the man, they take him inside and they all fall asleep of exhaustion.

In the morning the king finds out that the man he nursed to health was an assassin sent to kill him. He had waited for the king to return from the hermit, but the king’s long absence caused the assassin to be discovered and nearly killed by a guard. The assassin pledges to serve the king for his kindness.

As the king goes to leave the hermit’s home he asks his questions one more time. The hermit responds that his questions have already been answered. The king is confused and so the hermit explains. The hermit tells him that if he had not begun helping him dig, he would have been killed on his walk home. That made the hermit the most important person to him and his work the most important thing to be doing. When the assassin arrived he became the most important person and the most important work to do. The hermit tells him there is only one time that is important - NOW!. 

The parable is written by one of the greatest authors of all time, Leo Tolstoy. My summary is this…The best time to begin something is now, the best person to talk to are those with you in the present, and the best thing to be doing is good for those best people. Have a great week 31.

Super High Fives

Just a couple of the awesome recent accomplishments that need a big thank you. 

  • A super high five to our FBLA and FFA teams. They both had state competitions last week and they both did great. 
  • I missed a super high five last week. A super high five to Mrs. Vasquez for organizing the speech competition. We have great student speakers and presenters. Mrs. Vasquez does a great job of creating fun incentives for learning valuable life and career skills.

Other Super Information

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