Super Monday Week 30 SY24


A motivational and informational morning message from Superintendent Willis

Week 30 ~ March 11th, 2024

Super Monday Message

If you have never seen an episode of I Love Lucy, you have missed out. Here is one of the best clips in the show… Perhaps that is how your work feels at times. At times it has felt slow and manageable, but at other times it has felt like an overwhelming flood of work. 

When I was somewhere around the age of ten my parents decided to start a small side business selling bundles of firewood to gas stations and convenience stores. At first, the business involved going into the mountains a couple times a month, getting a load of firewood, splitting the wood, bagging the wood, and delivering it to the stores. For a family of 10, it was manageable. 

Over the years the business grew, but the number of kids at home to help with the business went down. When the 4 sons were splitting wood in prime conditions, we could easily keep pace with the rest of the family putting the wood in the netting bags. Once the numbers dwindled, keeping pace with the baggers felt a little like Lucy wrapping candy.

There were days where everyone in the family hated firewood and worked grudgingly for many hours. There were other days that someone in the group would be unrelentingly cheerful and they would make the dull work into a very pleasant experience for everyone. They did this in a multitude of ways. One simple way they did this was to start singing and insist that everyone join them. Another way was making the work into some kind of competition. During some of these more competitive days, it was a sign of divine intervention that no one was injured. As the youngest son I frequently had the competitive duty of placing the wood rounds on the chopping block for my brothers to split. When speed was part of the game you would begin swinging the ax as the wood was being placed. The time between the ax hitting the wood and the placer's hands being clear was frequently less than a second.

We proved that two boys with space to work and good organization could split and stack wood faster than the gas powered splitter. If the competition lasted too long the machine would eventually win out.

Every job will have overwhelming times and unenjoyable days. Some days are naturally enjoyable without much effort required. We must remember that we possess the power to turn a day around. We can take a day that would have been really dull and turn it into a great memory. Make week 30 of this school year a great one.

Super High Fives

Just a couple of the awesome recent accomplishments that need a big thank you. 

  • A super high five to everyone that helped with and participated in the musical last week. It was a super fun production with lots of laughs. 
  • A super high five to Aleia Nay for her dedicated service on the executive board for the Utah Art Education Association. The last three years she has served as the president-elect, then president, then past president of the organization. I had the opportunity to briefly join their annual conference in Moab on Friday and I can see that it has been a significant lift for Mrs. Nay. She's great at everything she does and deserves a super high five.

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