Super Monday Week 28 SY24


A motivational and informational morning message from Superintendent Willis

Week 28 ~ February 26th, 2024

Super Monday Message

Around 50 years ago a group of researchers in New Zealand were using white rabbits to test the effects of different diets on heart health. They found that rabbits, like humans, are more likely to develop heart problems if they are fed a regular diet of fatty fried foods. The researchers had many sets of rabbits on a variety of diets. When they put together the results of the study there was one group of rabbits that had unexpected results. Despite being fed a very unhealthy diet, these rabbits had significantly healthier hearts than other groups of rabbits with the same diet. In fact, they had 60% fewer fatty deposits than the others with the same diet. 

Most of the research might have been as expected, but this group of healthy rabbits was unexplainable. The researchers began asking questions about what was different about that group of rabbits. They were all the same breed as the others and had very similar genetics. They had a similar rate of exposure to light as the other rabbits. They had similar space for exercise. The only significant difference they could find was that this group of rabbits had a particularly friendly lab assistant. This lab assistant would hold the rabbits, pet them, and speak kindly to them as she fed them. It was the same diet as the other groups but it was delivered in a particularly friendly way. 

Naturally it was hard to believe that the rabbits could be that much healthier just because the lab assistant was kind to them, so they repeated the study. On the second round of the study they took special care to control for every variable except for the love of the lab assistant. They received the same results. The rabbits that were shown love were significantly healthier than the others. Similar studies with humans have brought about similar results. 

When we show kindness to someone, we are not just doing a good deed, we are literally improving their mental and physical health. You might be familiar with someone that has experienced so much stress, anxiety, or worry that it takes a toll on their physical health. That works in reverse as well, when we help someone experience contentment, peace, joy, and love, their bodies physically begin healing.

There is always room in the world for a little more kindness, a little more patience, and a little more joy. Have a great week 28.

Super High Fives

Just a couple of the awesome recent accomplishments that need a big thank you. 

  • A super high five to our super smart athletes. Katerina Snyder and Kinley Shakespear received the academic all-state award for competitive cheer. Ainsley Talbot and Jaxon Westwood received the same recognition for basketball. See a full list of Piute High School Academic All-State winners here.
  • A super high five to our sixth graders, particularly Huntlee Beus and McKenzi Barney. The Clark Planetarium had a Science contest and the sixth grade was able to participate. McKenzi Barney took 3rd Place in Animation and Huntleee Beus took 1st Place in Digital Image.

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