Super Monday Week 26 SY24


A motivational and informational morning message from Superintendent Willis

Week 26 ~ February 12th, 2024

Super Monday Message

Instead of talking about the Chiefs, 49ers, or the second Super Bowl with overtime, I want to tell a story about the Chicago Bears. In 1964 the Chicago Bears signed a running back from Wake Forest University named Brian Piccolo. 

Brian was signed as a free agent to the Bears practice squad because no team picked him in the league draft. This was very embarrassing for Brian because he had just finished a very impressive season as a college running back. He was considered the third best running back in college football and had finished 10th in the race for the Heisman Trophy. Professional football teams liked Brian, but thought he was too small to be a great running back as a pro.

Brian committed to becoming a starting professional running back. As a practice player he did not wear a uniform for games. After a couple seasons as a practice player he made the team, but saw very little playing time. In the 1966 season he ran the ball only three times. In the 1967 season his playing time increased and he became the primary backup alongside the star running back, Gale Sayers.

In the 1968 season, Gale Sayers was injured in the 9th game and Piccolo achieved his goal of becoming the team's primary ball carrier. His next goal was to become a great professional running back. He had several great games, but the next season Sayers returned from injury. Piccolo returned to being the second option. He played most of the games but was not the primary ball carrier. Then in the Atlanta game that year Brian did something he had never done before, he took himself out of a game. He had severe chest pain and a cough he couldn’t shake.

When the team got home Brian went to see medical professionals. They found a tumor on his lung and scheduled surgery to have it removed. He would have to have surgery and chemotherapy. Brian was brave for his team and the media as he promised he would return to play professional football. Brian wouldn't return to play for the Bears. Just 7 months after Brian pulled himself out of a game, he passed away at the hospital. Piccolo was just 26 years old and his death shook the football world.

The star running back, Gale Sayers, led the league in rushing yards that season and was given an award at a league banquet in New York City. At the banquet, Sayers said that there was someone more deserving of the award and emotionally talked about his friend Brian Piccolo.

Numerous organizations have since created a Piccolo award for great demonstrations of courage. A year after Brian's death ABC released a movie called Brian’s Song. There is power in seeing someone relentlessly pursue their goals, while not neglecting their friendships along the way. Brian’s story teaches that we should have really big goals, we should pursue those goals as hard as we can, and we should be a friend to everyone around us. Have a great week 26.

Super High Fives

Just a couple of the awesome recent accomplishments that need a big thank you. 

  • Another super high five to Kade Severe, who finished the wrestling season as a state champion on saturday. Boedy Morrison missed the top of the podium by just a point.
  • A super high five to Piute High School’s first female wrestlers, Sage Nowers and Trinity Robinson. They attended the state tournament and did well. They had some wins for the season and pioneered a new sport for Piute.

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