Title 1

Title I is federal legislation that provides additional funding and resources to schools that have significant numbers of families who are economically disadvantaged.  The goal of Title I is to equalize the playing field so that the students in Title I schools can achieve high academic success.  Title I is determined by the number of students who qualify for free lunch.    


Title I also works to better involve families in their child’s education.  This year will be a challenge to hold CES community events because of COVID-19; however, family involvement also involves regular communication with families (like this letter), in accessible languages, and about your child’s academic progress.  Parents will also be involved in making decisions about our school based on data and helping to create school plans.  


Title I works to build the capacity of educators through professional development.  This year, Circleville faculty are learning how to teach computer science to our students.  We are also learning about the new science core for grades K-5 and how best to teach using a more inquiry-based approach.  


Circleville is a schoolwide Title I program.  This means that we provide Title I resources to every student in our school, even those who may not be economically disadvantaged and qualify for free or reduced lunch.  


Title I resources are used to supplement and strengthen core programs.  As a parent of a child in a Title I school, you have the right to request to see the qualifications of faculty and staff at any time.  You can just ask the principal.  

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