Piute County School District wants to connect with their friends and alumni. The school district has a survey as part of a big district vision called "The Alumni Project." The alumni project has three primary objectives in the areas of community outreach, data analysis, and system support. The school district can use occupational data from alumni to better guide current educational offerings and program development. The school district can use friends and alumni contact information to provide newsletters and updates of the latest achievements and accolades. The school district can use the base of school friends and alumni to rally support for important school initiatives and projects. The schools also like to invite friends and alumni to attend school activities, participate in school career fairs, and volunteer at school events.

The Alumni Project is an opportunity for Piute's former students and current friends to stay informed about current events, provide feedback for improved services, and contribute to school programs. We're grateful for all of our friends and alumni and want to know how we can serve them and the rising generation better. There are several ways everyone can help with "The Alumni Project." Help us tell Piute County School District's stories by helping with the following....

1. First complete the Friends & Alumni Survey to start receiving Piute Friends and Alumni e-mails, newsletters, and other communications.


2. You can help us collect information and stories about the school district. Yearbooks can tell us a lot about the past, but there is a lot of information and context missing from yearbooks. We are also missing some yearbooks. The school district has tracked down a 1941 Piute High School (PHS) yearbook and every PHS yearbook between 1962 and 2020 except for 1963 and 1986. If you have a yearbook we do not, please contact us and allow us to make a scanned copy for district records. PHS started in Circleville in 1921 as Circleville High School and changed its name to Piute High School in 1928 after several other towns started getting bussed in. We are also getting scanned copies of the old Marysvale High School yearbooks. We have about a half dozen, but are still missing most of them. We have very few pictures of our old school buildings. We would love to make a digital copy of any picture you can find of old Piute County School District buildings. If you have any yearbooks, pictures, stories, artifacts, or other information you think is important to the history and legacy of Piute County School District please contact the district office at (435) 577-2912 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

3. You can make sure your class has your class reunion at least every 10 years (Preferably every five). The school district and the schools are willing to help organize a meal at the schools or tours of the the new high school. Contact the district office or the high school office at (435) 577-2912.

4. You can participate in a Piute High School Alumni Career Fair. Each year Piute High School conducts a career fair that highlights the careers of Piute High School graduates. We would love to have you come and present your accomplishments since leaving Piute High School. Contact the High School Counselor Eric Jessen if you are interested at (435) 577-1011 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

5. If you have time to volunteer there is historical work to be done for the school district. We would love to digitize and publish more historical records and stories of the school district, but the process can be very tedious and technical. Please contact the school district office at (435) 577-2912 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to volunteer.

Here are a couple examples of the volunteer work we are looking for. We are looking for a volunteer willing to take some time to go through school district records to fill in the following employee positions tracker. 

Piute High School Alumni Employees Tracker

We would like to publish a full annual Alumni Magazine. Volunteers that can write articles, take pictures, or collect data for this publication would be much appreciated. 


 The Alumni Project 01 01

Piute High School Alumni T-Shirt Survey

Alumni can complete this survey and get a free t-shirt

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