I. Purpose

The Transportation Department shall establish orderly procedures for reporting, investigation, and documenting all accidents involving Piute School District vehicles. Such procedures will be consistent in meeting the guidelines of the Utah State Office of Education Pupil Transportation Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy.

II. Guidelines

  1. All accidents involving school district vehicles shall be reported to the Director of Transportation as soon as possible after the accident occurs. Accident report forms shall be completed on all accidents.
  2. Accidents in which $500 dollars or more damage occurs, involves a fatality, causes an injury requiring professional medical attention results in the issuance of a citation to the district driver, or involves an accident related circumstance that meets the "reasonable suspicion" criteria in the State Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy will warrant testing for the influence of controlled substances or alcohol immediately following the accident. Such testing will be conducted in accordance with the Utah State Office of Education Pupil Transportation Drug and Alcohol Testing Guidelines.
  3. The District Transportation Director shall review each accident.
  • He/she shall hold a fact finding meeting.
  • He/she shall report their findings to the Superintendent who shall report to the Piute Board of Education.
  • Administrative action shall be taken by the Director of Transportation after a review of the findings of fact with the Superintendent and Board of Education

Disciplinary action will follow the guidelines set by the Utah State Office of Education's Pupil Transportation Drug and Alcohol Policy if a driver is found in violation of said policy.

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