ANNUAL EVALUATION The instructional program shall be evaluated through data collection which includes, but is not limited to, the following:
1. District reading and mathematics test results. 
2.Nationally formed standardized achievement tests.
3.Locally developed tests of mastery of essential elements.
4.Evaluation of instruction through classroom observation.
  The Board annually shall review results of student testing based upon the findings of the review, the Superintendent shall identify program strengths and deficiencies and provide direction to the district for making necessary adjustments in the instructional program. A report of the Board's review and the superintendent's recommendations shall be available to staff and the public. 
  The administration shall annually review results of classroom observations and based upon the findings of the review, the district shall make necessary adjustments in in­-service training for teachers.
PRINCIPALS' REPORTS The superintendent shall devise a schedule for principals to give periodic verbal reports to the Board regarding progress toward the education objectives established for their campus. The schedule shall ensure that the Board receives reports from at least one principal at each instructional level. 

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