Statement Of Philosophy

It is the philosophy of the Piute County Board of Education that extra-curricular activities play an important role in the education of our children. The board encourages all students, who so choose to participate in Utah High School Activities Association and local school sponsored activities. The board realizes that activities can not stand alone and must be accompanied by acceptable academic and behavior standards in order to fulfill their potential as important character builders. Therefore, policy statements are listed below.

Policy Statement (Revised and updated Policy- 4-15-14)

  1. Students shall meet all eligibility standards as set by the Utah High School Activity Association pertaining to interscholastic activities.
  2. Any student receiving two grades below a “C-“ or one “F” shall be ineligible during the next quarter for ALL activities, which includes traveling with teams and clubs. School-sponsored post secondary education exploration opportunities are permissible.
  3. Any student receiving two grades below a C- or one F at mid-term will be considered ineligible under this policy until the said grades are brought to eligible status.
  4. Any student caught using alcohol, tobacco, or other dangerous drugs during regular school or any school related activity will be dealt with according to the Utah High School Activities Association guidelines.
  5. Any student who is not in attendance at school for ½ of a day (at least three class periods) will be ineligible to participate at practice or at an activity on that day. Since Friday is a half day, students must be in attendance in two of the four class periods to be eligible to participate in a Friday or Saturday practice or activity. Under extenuating circumstances permission may be granted PRIOR to the absence by the administration.

Revised 1996

Revised 3/14/06

Revised 5/12/2020


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