(Adopted September 16, 2003)


There are times when foreign students attend schools in Utah their junior or senior year of high school. Usually they do not receive a high school diploma because their records can not be coordinated with the local high school, or even found for that matter.
Utah State Law allows parents to choose to educate their children at home if they wish as long as State guidelines for home schooling are followed. Often parents recognize that the curriculum of the high school becomes too challenging to be taught at home, so they desire their students to complete their education at a public school. Often this decision is made after the student's peers have completed the ninth grade.

The Piute Board of Education would like to address these problems with the following curriculum guidelines.

Policy Statements

  1. Freshman students may follow the regular graduation requirements as outlined by policy
  2.      #4079 Graduation Requirements.
  3. Sophomore students must fill all the required classes listed for a total of 18 credits.
  4. Junior students must take the following classes: Junior and Senior English, Geometry and Algebra II, Biology and Chemistry, U.S. Government/Geography and American History. The exit competencies must be demonstrated in these courses. In addition, the following courses must be completed: General Financial Literacy, Educational Technology, Physical Fitness, and two electives in an area of focus for a total of 12 credits.
  5. Senior students must take the classes listed above that require exit competencies (Jr. English, Algebra II, Biology or Chemistry, United States Government and Citizenship/Geography) along with Physical Fitness, General Financial Literacy, and Educational Technology plus pass the GED. Since the GED cannot be counted toward graduation until the student's peers have graduated, actual graduation cannot take place until one day after the senior year is over. However, the student may participate in the Graduation Ceremony but receive the diploma

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