No pupil shall be given permission to be absent from school during regular session to take music, drawing, dancing or other lessons, to attend a matinee or to participate in non-school programs, except release time classes, and/or by special permission of the Superintendent.

Since orderly procedures in schools are prerequisite in maintaining a desirable educational climate, no student or group of students will be permitted to devalue or impede the orderly pursuit of education in the schools of the Piute School District. Students, who participate in or incite other persons to riot, sit-in, or to cause an interruption in the regularly scheduled ongoing school program, may be terminated as students. In the event that an incident causes the destruction or damage to property, proper restitution will be demanded from persons responsible.

No employee of the Piute School District will give support or encouragement to a student or group of students in any of the above-mentioned conditions. Participation in this type of activity will result in the dismissal of the employee.       

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