Classified Evaluation

Evaluation for re-employment purposes, or appraisal of service, should serve three purposes:

  1. To raise the quality of services.

  2. To raise standards.

  3. To aid the individual employee to grow professionally.

Evaluation of classified employees must be a cooperative continuing process designed to improve the quality of work. Employees are involved in the evaluation process; Therefore, the Board delegates to the staff the responsibility of developing, organizing and implementing a system-wide program for evaluating the work process as one means to insure quality control.

The classified evaluation of individual's performance is considered the primary activity of support provided by the supervisor. Individual classified evaluations shall be conducted annually and shall be directed toward employee and supervisor awareness. The outcomes should be improved job knowledge, communications skills, productivity, adaptability, personal growth, dependability, public relations, professional development, policy compliance, courtesy, personal appearance, and consistence in work attendance. The main classified evaluation with focus on the domains of performance, interactions, environment and professional growth.

In order to be effective and beneficial to the overall school and district program, the entire evaluation process should be one of cooperation, mutual respect, realistic assessment and coordination between the employee and supervisor.

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