Amended September 18, 2014



Reimbursement for travel and meal periderms to board members and district employees will be granted for reasonable travel expenses for attendance to regional, state, or national conventions, conferences, and workshops. The superintendent/BA shall approve meal premiums and travel reimbursements under the direction of the board of education.

The Board may not pay the travel expenses of spouses and other persons who have no responsibilities or duties to perform for the Board.


Board Members and Board Officers and District Employees

The following policy shall govern out-of-district travel of Board Members, and Officers as well as district employees if expenses are to be reimbursed by the Board of Education:

1. Any Board Member or officer or district employee traveling away from home on school district business shall receive a per diem allowance for meals of Twenty-six Dollars ($26.00) for each day or fraction of a day away from home. This per diem allowance shall be paid to the district employees regardless of the actual amount spent for meals. "Away from home" shall exclude all trips requiring neither sleep nor rest.

2. Any meal expense incurred by a district employees while traveling on School District business which would not be covered under #1 will be reimbursed at the rate of $6.00 breakfast, $8.00 Lunch, & $12.00 Dinner.

3. Expense assistance guidelines follow:

a. District vehicles are encouraged for travel; however, if a district employee chooses to take their personal vehicles, 35 cents per mile will be the travel reimbursement rate. When driving personal vehicle, personal vehicle insurance is necessary for district business.

b. When using other transportation, i.e., bus, air, train, etc., the Business Administrator will insure the necessary arrangements. Actual cost will be reimbursed.

c. Motel cost, actual rate. Effort should be made not to exceed the state rate per night.

4. When it appears that the per diem allowance of #1 will be inadequate to cover meal expenses at a particular location, the School District may, at its sole discretion, elect to:

a. Increase the per diem allowance for travel away from home to the IRS level for the particular location; or

b. Reimburse meal expenditures incurred upon submission of appropriate documentation.


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