A. In case of absence, it is the employee's responsibility to notify their supervisor as soon as possible. It is recommended that notice be given at least 48 hours in advance, except in cases of emergency. Leave to be granted the day before or after a holiday will be subject to the approval of the supervisor. Holidays shall be defined as those days in the adopted school calendar or otherwise defined by District policy.


A. Employees will accrue 12 days of leave per contract year. Usage of leave will be at the discretion of the employee for the reasons of illness, funeral, emergencies, community service or personal circumstances. Qualifications for personal leave benefits are outlined in policy #2041 Payroll Procedures & Benefits.


A. Normally employees will be allowed to use no more than three consecutive working days for reasons other than illness or medical related conditions. The Board reserves the right to require written verification from a physician as to the medical condition. If more than three consecutive working days are requested for reasons other than medical care, the request will need to be pre-approved by the employee's supervisor. All absences must be reported. Substitutes are designated by the principal.

B. Employees will be allowed to use 12 days of leave in any one-contract year. An exception would be an-extreme long-term medical related illness verified in writing from physician or care provider. The maximum leave allowed under these circumstances would be accumulated leave. In case of a long term disability need, the employee may appeal to the board to make up the difference between the number of days he/she has for leave and the number of days required before the long term disability becomes active.

C. Employees may rollover up to 90 personal days from one year to another. Employees may therefore have up to 102 personal leave days to start a contract year. Leave days not used beyond 90 days will be paid out into the employees medical trust account at the end of the year at the rate of $80.00/Day.


A. The employee must work for the District a minimum of 10 years to qualify for the leave incentive unless the employee turned 55 years old prior to their initial hire date. The payment of unused accumulated leave will be prorated based on the employee's full-time equivalence in their final contract year excluding any extracurricular or non contract hours based on the following scale:


Accumulated Leave

Daily Rate of Pay


1 - 39 Days



40 - 79 Days



80+ Days


Example 1, if an employee is contracted 40 hours/week and he or she has accrued 30 days of leave, the payment will be:

 ($60.00  X 1 FTE ) X 30 Days = $1,800.00

Example 2, if an employee is contracted 40 hours/week and he or she has accrued 90 days of leave, the payment will be:

($80.00 X 1 FTE) X 90 Days = $7,200.00

Example 3, if an employee is contracted 10 hours/week and he or she has accrued 90 days of leave, the payment will be:

($80.00 X .25 FTE) X 90 Days = $1,800.00

B. This one time payment will be made either into the employees medical trust account or into a special pay account (Such as a 401a, 403b, or 457 account) as per IRS regulations. Employees must also meet all eligibility requirements described in Policy #2053 to qualify for this incentive. Eligibility exceptions will be granted for non full-time employees that do not qualify for benefits listed in Policy #2053, but do receive leave benefits. If an employee separates employment after ten years with the school district but before retirement the school district will payout up to 90 leave days in cash at half the above listed rates.


A. If an employee must take leave for medical reasons and has no available leave days other employees may donate personal leave days to the employee with the approval of the Superintendent. Employees who qualify for vacation and personal leave days may only donate personal leave days. All requests to donate leave days must be submitted in writing to the Superintendent within 30 days of the time that the leave was taken or before. Requests to donate leave days that would otherwise be forfeited due to job separation will not be granted. If an employee wishes to appeal the Superintendent’s decision they may request time on the regular school board meeting agenda to present their request. 

B. Donated days will be transferred in no less than 2 hour increments. If a 40-hour employee donates 5 days to a 20-hour employee, the 20-hour employee would receive 10 days. The employee receiving the donated days must use the days for the requested purpose and within the fiscal year or the leave will be transferred back to the donor. Leave days may not be donated to employees who do not qualify for a leave benefit.


This policy is intended to focus on the learning opportunities for students within Piute School District. It recognizes that a fundamental educational philosophy is that our employees are well trained and in the performance of their duties and that their being on the job is paramount to students being given the greatest opportunity to learn. This policy also establishes a financial incentive to employees for good attendance. It may be modified at any time with approval of the Board.

National Guard leaves and jury duty are defined by state rules and are exceptions to this policy.

Adopted October 8, 2002

Amended October 14, 2003

Amended August 10, 2010

Amended May 12, 2015

Amended June 12, 2018

Amended April 13, 2021

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