Reduction in Force 2084

Purpose –

The Board of Education recognizes that from time to time it may be necessary to reduce in force under certain circumstances. Any time a reduction in force becomes necessary, the primary goal of the Board is to identify those positions, which can be eliminated, combines, or reduce to meet the needs of the District. The maintenance of educational programs is the tops priority when a reduction in force becomes necessary.


The Board of Education hereby delegates to the superintendent the duty to identify which programs or positions should be eliminated, combined, or reduced whenever a reduction in force becomes necessary. In suggestion such action, the Superintendent should consider:

1. Why the Reduction in Force is necessary.

2. Which positions can best be eliminated, combined or modified to meet the educational goals of the School District.

In considering which positions to eliminate combined or modify in the best interests of education in the school district, the Superintendent may, in his discretion, consider the following factors:

1. the results of an employee’s performance evaluation; and

2. Retention consideration will be given to educators who have the licensure, training and ability to teach in more than one area, if needed, including extra­curricular activities.

Necessary Reductions—

The School District may reduce the number of employees in force, combine, or modify positions or programs without following Orderly Termination Policies of the School District only when it becomes necessary to reduce the number of employees for one or more of the following reasons:

1. Declining student enrollments in the Schools District;

2. Discontinuance of a particular service or program;

3. The shortage of anticipated revenue after the budget has been adopted; or

4. School consolidation.

Last Hired, First Fired” Procedure of Layoffs Prohibited—

The District may not utilize a last-hired, first-fired procedure for layoffs when termination District employees. “Last-hired, first-fired procedure for layoffs” means staff reduction that mandates the termination of an employee who started to work for the District most recently before termination a more senior employee.

Scope of Policy—

This policy applies to reduction in force of both classified and certified employees.

Adpoted 13 September 2011


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