(Amended Nov. 12, 2002)

All bus drivers are required to have a physical examination upon employment and every two years thereafter by a competent medical doctor and file a report of the same with the superintendent. The Board shall assume the fee up to and including $40.00 for such examination above insurance payment.

All lunchroom personnel are required to have a food handlers permits. The Board shall assume the fee up to and including $40.00 for such training.

The district also reserves the right to require a physician's releases outlining any restrictions before the employee returns to work following illness, other leave, or at any time when the need for such examination may be indicated.

Confidentiality of Examination Results

Evidence of mental or physical condition provided by an applicant or employee pursuant to the previous section is deemed protected and may be disclosed only to:

  1. the applicant or employee, or a designated representative of the applicant or employee;
  2. school officers and members of the Board;
  3. the Department of Health;
  4. local health authorities;
  5. the physician or other authorized person(s) who performed the examination(s);
  6. a health care professional who has legitimate need to know the test result in order to provide for the health care provider's protection and welfare; or
  7. persons, entities, or classes of persons or entities authorized by written release signed by the applicant or employee.

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