(Amended Nov. 12, 2002)

The supervisor is responsible for the orientation of new staff assigned to his/her school. He/she should give information and general directions in regard to the following:

  1. The names of fellow employees.
  2. Location and use of physical facilities of building: classroom, cafeteria, library, teachers' lounge, and lavatories.
  3. Forms: attendance reports, purchase orders, etc.
  4. Method of ordering supplies, securing equipment, etc.
  5. Work schedule and meaning of all bell signals.
  6. Regulations for pupils during, before and after school hours.
  7. Directions regarding meetings, in-service training meetings, other meetings, assignments, regulations, policies concerning absence, attendance, etc.
  8. The goals and aspirations of our schools.
  9. School system policies and regulations.
  10. Benefits and workplace rules

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