(Amended Nov. 12, 2002)
(Amended May 8, 2018)

The Piute County School Board is aware that vacations and holidays for the employees of the school district are rejuvenating and bring a deeper commitment from employees to their particular jobs when they return. The board is also aware that vacations and holidays can be over done to the extent of bringing detriment to the school district as a whole. For the above two reasons the board has adopted the following guidelines for vacation and holiday leave for its twelve month employees.

Policy Statements:
For the first ten years of service to the school district, each twelve month employee is entitled to twelve days of paid vacation at the discretion of their principal or supervisor.
For each year of service after ten years, each employee is entitled to one additional day of paid vacation to a maximum of twenty days.
After six months, vacation time will begin to be prorated at one day of vacation leave per month worked and he/she will be allotted the regular personal leave as per district policy.
Vacation days may be accrued up to 30 days. Vacation days not used beyond 30 will be lost. Restrictions for vacation leave usage will be the same as personal leave as specified in policy #2047 paragraphs 3.A. and 3.B.
Twelve month employees will also receive 13 days off for holidays. Usually, work must continue when school is in session, but these days may be taken at another time at the discretion of the principal or supervisor.
A vacation request form must be filled out and approved by the principal and superintendent before vacation days are taken.

Holiday Calendar:
July 4
July 24
Labor Day
Harvest Vacation (2)
Christmas (2)
New Year's Day
President's Day
Spring Break (2)
Memorial Day

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