Under the direction of the high school principal and in addition to the essential duties outlined in the appropriate secondary teacher position description, a school athletic director will be responsible for the overall leadership and coordination of the high school athletic program for the assigned school.


  •  Act as an advisor to the principal on matters involving athletics.
  •  Maintain a high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality when dealing with student, staff     and/or parent information.
  •  Ensure that all activities conform to the policies of the school, district and UHSAA.
  •  Meet with coaches to have yearly contracts signed.
  •  Assist the coaching staff in solving any staff, student-athlete, or parent problems that arise.
  •  Ensure that each varsity coach maintains an accurate inventory of equipment and materials. Communicate inventory needs to the principal.
  •  Work closely with the principal to develop and enforce an athletic/academic code of conduct that is consistent with the goals of the staff, administration and school district.
  •  Promote good faculty and community relations.
  •  Support teams and assure rosters, pictures and other UHSAA requirements for post-region play.
  •  Ensure compliance with District policy, including policy on hazing.
  •  Serve as a liaison between athletic booster groups, coaches and principal.
  •  Assist in the responsibility for certification of coaching staff.
  •  Provide training to all coaches regarding rules and policies.
  •  Assist with fundraising activities as directed by the principal.
  •  Ensure all athletes have up-to-date physical examinations.
  •  Ensure that parents and students sign all appropriate documents for participation.
  •  Track and enforce athletic eligibility policies of the region and UHSAA.
  •  Assist in the recognition, letter certificates, awards and letters of recommendation for student athletes.
  •  Schedule and request payment of officials for all athletic contests.
  •  Secure transportation for all athletic contests.
  •  Organize and supervise support staff for athletic contests (i.e. announcers, scorekeepers, timers, and ticket takers).
  •  Work with the principal to provide adequate administrative supervision at games, including supervisory assignments.


  •  Schedule adequate practice and playing facilities.
  •  Assist in the requisitioning and issuing of athletic equipment.
  •  Be in charge of game management at assigned games.
  •  Monitor weather conditions to allow timely notification to opponents for delayed or postponed games.
  •  Work with administration and opponent to reschedule games not held due to weather conditions or other unforeseen problems.
  •  Meet visiting team at assigned games.
  •  Ensure coaches have fields and gyms set-up for play.
  •  Meet, greet and ensure safety of officials for all home contests that assigned.
  •  Work with coaches and score clock operator to ensure that all equipment is working (score clock, lights, sound system, etc.).
  •  Assist in the responsibility for the care of athletic facilities.
  •  Observe, and correct or report any concerns that deal with safety in relation to facilities, practices and events.
  •  Regularly inspect fields and equipment for safety and risk-management.
  •  Submit work orders for repairs, as necessary.
  •  Perform other necessary duties to ensure sporting events run smoothly as assigned by the principal.

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