Piute School District Coaches will adhere to the following:

  1. Design game plans and assign positions.

  2. Prepare and condition athletes.

  3. Understand rules and regulations of sport coaching.

  4. Manage fundraising and promotional efforts.

  5. Understand aspects of health, exercise science and physical education.

  6. Mentor student off; as well as, on the field, encouraging leadership skills and academic success.

  7. Collaborate with Athletic Director and School Administration on events and practices.

  8. Hold meeting with parents as needed to resolve concerns motivates and establishes expectations for student athletes.

  9. Maintain professional decorum while coaching.

  10. Be responsible for making bus requests for away games.

  11. Work with AD to organize for home events.

  12. Promote student athlete respect, sportsmanship, and life skills.

  13. Complete other duties assigned by the principal or AD.

  14. Maintain responsibility for supervision of home, away games and overnight events.

15. Follow UHSAA guidelines.

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