The High School Club Advisors are responsible for advising and overseeing the activities of the Club. The High School Club is open to any academically qualified student in grades 9-12.



  1. Supervise the Club activities.

  2. Determine role of club officers and conduct election of club offers.

  3. Establish club goals and plan for events and activities.

  4. Encourage students to appreciate and value their classmates, school, and community.

  5. Encourage activities in support of school and community.

  6. Promote and monitor club goals to keep the club on task.

  7. Hold club meetings regularly to discuss interests and plan activities.

  8. Encourage students to appreciate the club values and goals and to improve upon character development and public presentation skills.

  9. Work with club to develop budget for all activities and events.

  10. Help club plan fundraisers, club events, and production activities.

  11. Complete other duties assigned by school administration.

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