1112 - Board Compensation Policy

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Approval Date: 02/10/15

A. Compensation
1. Each member of the Board of Education, except any student member, shall receive an amount not to exceed $3,000 per year, payable monthly, as compensation for services.
2. Board members may also receive compensation for time at meetings apart from the regularly scheduled monthly board meetings. This compensation will be paid at the rate of $60 per meeting for meetings less than 4 hours in length and $90 for meetings greater than 4 hours in length. Each member shall include this compensation with the itemized account of travel expenses for board approval.

1. Each member of the Board of Education, except any student member, shall be eligible to participate in the district’s health insurance program during the term of service as a Board member. Board members, except any student member, may receive the same health insurance benefit as a full-time certificated employee.

1. Per diems and reimbursements to board members for travel expenses for attendance at local, regional, state, or national conventions, conferences, and workshops shall be made by the District when attendance is authorized and deemed by the Board to be necessary or desirable in carrying out the educational functions of the District.
2. Each member shall submit an itemized account of necessary travel expenses for Board approval. Such activities may not exceed 12 per year.  Such travel expenses shall be reimbursed at the rates established in PCSD policy #2117. Board members will not receive per diems or reimbursements for in district travel. (Reference Utah Code 53A-3-202(5), and Utah Code 53A-1-202(2))

1. In the event the board chooses to adopt a new board compensation policy or make changes to the current compensation policy, the board shall first hold a public hearing on the proposed policy or policies at which time all interested persons shall be given an opportunity to be heard.
2. In addition to satisfying the notice requirements for an open board meeting, the board shall also meet the specific notice requirements for a public hearing on board member compensation (Utah Code Ann. § 53A-2-202(3)).

E. Utah retirement systems
1. Utah Retirement Systems (URS) coverage, Piute County School District classifies all elected officials as ineligible.  Eligibility for retirement coverage under Utah Retirement Systems shall be administered in accordance with the statutory rules governing the Utah Retirement System.

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