JOB SUMMARY: The District Nurse will act as School Nurse for all three schools. The school nurse will communicate and collaborate regularly with the superintendent and principals.


  • Establish procedures and practices that will establish safe immunization for all pupils.

  • Assist physicians and dentists in examination of pupils and in the reporting of findings to the principal.

  • Participate in the development of the health education program for our pupils.

  • Work with the principals in providing a healthy environment for our children.

  • Conduct and coordinate eye, ear, and general health checks on the pupils, including also height, weight, urine, posture.    

  • See that all schools and school buses have adequate first aid equipment and supplies.

  • Be on call for emergency use to all principals.

  • Establish a schedule for as many school visits as possible.

  • Make certain that all pre-school, seventh grade, and athletes have evidence of a recent physical examination (within the last two months). This evidence must be on file in the principal's office.

  • By demonstration and other means, aid teachers, parents, and students in developing good health habits.

  • Assist in control of communicable disease through teaching the recognition of early symptoms, the importance of isolation, and the value of immunization.

  • Perform other duties as the Superintendent may assign.

  • Be available as a resource health specialist in the instructional program.


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