Monday Motivation Week #1

Piute County School District,

Welcome back! There’s nothing quite as exciting as the first day of school. This year is set to be the best one yet. Watching the world's greatest athletes in the Olympics gets you even more excited to show off your teaching super powers. Excitement is even more that we get to start the year without most of the restrictions we started with last year. Nothing to stop us from setting some records.

The closing ceremony of the Olympics was over a week ago, but the opening ceremony for the paralympics is next week. In many ways the athletes in the paralympics have even more inspiring stories to tell. Some sprinters in the paralympics remind me of our theme this year, “Community Culture.” Try walking down the road with your eyes closed for 15 seconds and then imagine sprinting as fast as you can with your eyes closed for that long. 

Blind sprinters require a guide to run alongside them. The guide and the runner hold each end of a 6 inch string to stay connected as they sprint. Their arms and legs must move in perfect unison in order to get the best possible time. If you think this would make sprinting awkward and slow, keep in mind the fastest blind sprinter is only 1.3 seconds behind Usain Bolt’s olympic record in the 100m sprint. 

Just as a sprinter learns to trust and sprint with a guide, we learn to trust and work with our students and co-workers. Unison and trust are required to achieve the best possible results. We are an education community that has unlimited potential working together. I’m excited to work with you again and can’t wait to get started. Let’s do this!

Thanks for everything you’ve done and everything you’re about to do for our students,



Paralympic 100m Sprint


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