District Literacy Plan 2018-2019

Literacy Plan – Piute District – 2018-2019

Goal 1:

At least 60% of students in grades 1-3 will show typical or better Composite Score growth in literacy skills from the beginning of the year to the end of the year as measured by DIBELS Next Pathways. Currently, approximately 50% of students in grades 1-3 show typical or better growth. Strategies used to meet this goal include: 1) Imagine Learning in grades K-3 will be used for the required amount of time and for the required number of days, 2) K-3 teachers will use Reading Wonders in Circleville School and Imagine It Phonics in Oscarson School with fidelity, 3) K-3 teachers will have at least a two-hour literacy block every day, and, 4) Professional Learning will be ongoing throughout the year as K-3 teachers participate in the Piute District PD Incentive Plan and show evidence of the district’s required PD

Goal 2:

Literacy and K-3 PLCs will use multiple forms of data to inform and adjust instruction. Strategies used to meet this goal include: 1) PLCs will collaborate monthly and submit meeting-notes to the elementary principals and the superintendent via Google Drive, 2) instruction will be planned and adjusted as needed according to DIBELS Next Benchmark and Progress Monitoring data, and, 3) Reading Wonders week and unit assessment data, Imagine It Phonics assessment data, and teachers’ own formal and informal assessment data will be used to inform and adjust instruction. Previously, DIBELS Next assessment data was the primary data used to inform and adjust instruction.

Goal 3:

Students’ proficiency in writing will increase. Strategies used to meet this goal include: 1) Launching Writing PD will be provided for teachers by the literacy coach/director, 2) teachers will inform students as to the purposes and standards pertaining to their reading and writing, 3) teachers and students will use rubrics, according to grade-level writing state standards, graphic organizers, and annotation for writing assignments, and, 4) samples of students’ writing will be posted for students, schools, and parents to see. Writing skills will be measured by completed rubrics showing proficiency in grade-level writing state standards.

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