7500 - Building Use and Security

7500 - Building Use and Security Policy

1.  Policy Purpose

  1. Piute County School District desires for our public school buildings to be used by the public so far as student use and student safety can be maintained. This policy provides community patrons a high degree of access to our public school buildings. It is the hope of the Board of Education that patrons will use this access appropriately to preserve this access for everyone. Certain limitations must be placed on public access in order to preserve student safety and to ensure students have first right to the use of the buildings.

2. Definitions and Abbreviations 

  1. Buildings - Any structural property of the school district. For the purposes of this policy rules governing building use may also be applied to equipment and grounds.
  2. FOB - Frequency Operated Button used to access locked doors with installed receivers.

3. Building Use Authority 

  1. The use of school district buildings, grounds, and equipment is governed by the Board of Education and administered by the district office and school principals.
  2. The issuance of keys and FOB access is approved by the building principal. Building principals may revoke building access or request keys be returned at any time. 

4. Building Priority

  1. As a guide to scheduling, priorities are as follows:
    1. First priority will be for regular school programs and activities.
    2. Second priority will be for scheduled community school and adult education programs and activities.
    3. Third priority will be for other community individuals and groups who wish to use or rent facilities. 

5. Prohibited Uses

  1. Use of school buildings, grounds, and equipment for commercial or private industrial purposes are prohibited unless specifically approved by the school board or Superintendent. Any large or ongoing industrial or commercial use must be specifically approved by the Board of Education. These purposes should include benefits for both the school and community patrons.
  2. Activities that are not conducive to the atmosphere and academic nature of schools will be prohibited.

6. District Owned Equipment

  1. The principal may authorize the use of school equipment at the school for community service provided it is operated only by principal approved personnel. 
  2. Equipment of one school may be loaned to another school within the District provided arrangements are made between the principals involved.
  3. Equipment may not be used for personal use by school personnel or the general public without principal approval.
  4. As a convenience, personal copies from the copy machine and faxes may be made by school employees or the general public with principal approval by paying the standard rate. The rate will be set by the school administration. 

7. Building Use Rules

  1. When buildings are occupied, all fire and safety ordinances must be observed. Schools and equipment cannot be used except as included in the rental agreement. The use of intoxicants is prohibited at any time on school property. The use of tobacco on school property by anyone is prohibited at any time. The term tobacco includes all forms of the product including vaping.
  2. No outside properties or equipment shall be brought into the building without prior approval of the principal. When permission is granted, such property or equipment shall be removed immediately following its use and the board, or its agents, shall not be responsible for damage or loss incurred to such property equipment. No signs, posters, properties, etc., can be attached to the building by any materials such as pins, tacks, tape, etc., except upon approval in advance by the principal. Independent supports must be provided by the group using buildings. The conduct of those attending activities shall be such a standard as benefits the proper use of an educational unit. Foul language, rowdiness, etc., shall not be permitted.
  3. Building principals will use discretion in regards to building use on non-school days. Principals will be accountable to coordinate the cleaning of the buildings on non school days so the building will be clean for school day use.
  4. Whenever food is served in the cafeteria, kitchens will be opened at requested time so that the group renting, or using the facility may have use of water, sinks, stoves, and refrigerators. If school dishes, silverware, or kitchen facilities are used, the organization using the facility will employ food service workers to assist and to wash dishes. Members of the renting organization will clean up the dining room. This includes washing the tables, chairs, sweeping floors, emptying garbage cans, etc.
  5. School food service will not cater for special occasions to any group outside of the schools.
  6. The applicant agrees to provide traffic control and other protections as needed. The board shall not be responsible for policing the grounds or regulating traffic.
  7. The applicant is responsible for all damage to buildings, equipment or grounds, which occur as a result of the applicant's use of the building.
  8. Children must not be allowed to roam the building. 

8. Building Use Exceptions

  1. In case of emergencies, the Red Cross or other welfare agencies may use the building upon permission of the principal or the superintendent when the principal is absent.
  2. The Board of Education may permit school facilities to be used rent-free by non-profit, non-political, community groups. To qualify, the activity must be for the general public. The Board of Education reserves the right to grant or refuse the use of school facilities to any or all applicants.
  3. A full schedule of adult education programs, senior citizens' activities and college courses will be promoted and sponsored by PCSD. Fees for such programs shall cover only actual costs for instructors and materials, etc. All such activities will be coordinated through the district adult education director.
  4. The principal will require all groups to fill out a building use permit due to potential liability factors. This permit will be provided by the building principal 2 working days prior to group use of the building. Civic groups, who wish to use the building, must by law, fill out and turn in the required permit 3 working days in advance to the school principal.
  5. Groups will be required to pay a deposit fee of $50.00 with potential for refund pending building cleanliness and duration of use. There may be additional fees assessed beyond the deposit fee if there are building damages, if additional cleaning is needed, or if other components of this policy are not followed. Building principals will have discretion and make the final decision on added costs. The principal may choose to waive the deposit fee for groups using exercise equipment, playing basketball, or for other similar activities. 

9. Building Use Schedules

  1. PCSD Technology Department will setup a way to keep track of building reservations and usage. The Technology Department will also provide training to principals on scheduling and scheduling updates.
  2. Patrons may request access to buildings for fitness activities between 5AM to 10PM. School buildings may not be used for community or fitness activities during school instructional hours or during school sponsored activities unless prior approval is given by the school principal. Patrons using school facilities should plan to leave the building at least 45 minutes prior to school starting and should not enter the building until at least 45 minutes after school ends. 
  3. Only principal approved areas of the buildings may be used. 
  4. Access to the building carries a responsibility to protect school property and security. 
  5. Buildings must be vacated by 10PM Principals may approve another time to be vacated.
  6. Lights must be turned off upon departure. 
  7. Building area used must be left clean and tidy.
  8. Damage must be reported to the building principal upon leaving building. 
  9. Doors must be secured upon leaving. 
  10. Doors must not be blocked open. Blocking doors can create a security risk and may result in the revocation of key-FOB access.

10. Building Access and Control

  1. PCSD is committed to the security and access control for all buildings for safety of employees and students at all times.
  2. Buildings may have one main entrance open during the school day.  All non-main entrances will remain locked during the school day.  All visitors must enter through the main unlocked entrance and register at the building office.  Principals may approve to have another entrance unlocked for a special event.
  3. Access to buildings during non-school hours will be limited to employees and those with principal approval.  
  4. Employees will have access to their main building of employment.  Employees may request access to another building with approval from that building’s principal without a fee.
  5. Volunteers and seasonal employees may be issued access to buildings during the time period they are volunteering or working with principal approval. For example, a volunteer coach may be issued access during the athletic season, but would have to pay a fee to retain access thereafter. 
  6. Any lost or stolen key/FOB must be reported immediately to the building principal and replacement cost will be assessed to the responsible party. 

10.1. Exterior Keys and FOBs

  1. Buildings are equipped with electronic access control systems and physical access keys for the exterior doors will not be issued with exception of principals, head custodians and district administration.
  2. All access to the building will be monitored through the use of FOBs.
  3. FOBs will be assigned by PCSD Technology Department based upon recommendation from building principals.
  4. All people with access rights will be registered for use with a specific FOB which will log all access attempts.
  5. Principals will provide the PCSD Technology Department with the names, contact information and access rights (day, time of day, door access, ability to toggle) for each person. 
  6. All users of buildings must enter using FOB accessible doors.
  7. FOB access will be monitored along with video capture to ensure only authorized personnel will have access to facilities.
  8. It is strictly prohibited for any person that has been assigned a FOB to loan or provide access to buildings to anyone, violations will result in immediate loss of building access and disciplinary action where applicable.
  9. Blocking doors open is prohibited.
  10. Building principals will have loaner FOBs that can be used to let people into the facilities. Loaner FOBs will be under the same restrictions as all FOBs. Principals with loaner FOBs will keep a record of people who used the loaner FOBs including date, time, and building. Building reservations will be checked before loaning FOBs to avoid conflicts. 

10.2. Obtaining Access

  1. Any person may make a request to the building principal for FOB access. The request must be made by visiting the PCSD website and completing the form and paying fees for access. If the building principal denies the request any fees charged will be refunded. The building Principal may deny any request and may not provide a reason for denying the request.
  2. There is an annual fee of $30 to keep a building access FOB. The first year fee is $50 for a school FOB.
  3. Persons must demonstrate a specific need for access and personal responsibility which will be assessed by the principal. Unless specified by the building Principal no access is permitted during school instructional hours or during school sponsored activities.  
  4. Each household requesting access must apply for a FOB.
  5. A group that wishes to gain access to use building facilities may petition to receive a FOB for the groups' use. The names of each member of the group will be submitted and only the person approved for FOB use will be allowed to access the buildings for the group. The person approved for the FOB must accompany the group each visit. The person approved for the FOB for the group is also responsible for any damages caused by the group.   
  6. All persons using a FOB must be 18 or older and not a current student.  Persons caught using FOBs that do not follow this requirement will be required to meet with the principal before the FOB’s access can be restored.
  7. Fees that are required for access will be listed under the Fees and Requirements section.

10.3. Inside Building Keys and Access

  1. Principals will provide the PCSD Technology Department with the names, contact information and access rights (day, time of day, door access) for each person they want interior keys issued to.
  2. Any unauthorized key duplication may result in removal of access and may result in job action for employees. If copies of keys are required the principal will request more copies from the PCSD Technology Department.

10.4. Forms 

  1. The forms requesting access to buildings is available online at PCSD website.  All forms and payments will be done online.  
  2. Annual fees will need to be paid online. The application to keep access will need to be completed online as well.
  3. This policy can be revised or updated at anytime. Persons with FOBs will be required to follow the most recent version. It is the responsibility of the FOB holders to check regularly for revisions and updates. 

Adopted June 11th, 2019

Revised October 8th, 2019

Revised December 12th, 2023

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