6011 - Maintenance and Operation of Physical Facilities

General Management:

The general management of physical facilities shall be charged to the superintendent as the board's executive officer. Principals have delegated authority for the custodianship or facilities assigned to their respective administration and are accountable to the superintendent for the same.

Principal's Responsibilities for School Facilities:

The principal of a school is held responsible for the entire school plant and all equipment, furniture, books, and supplies within his school plant, as well as the site and playground equipment. He may delegate certain responsibilities to his staff members who are held responsible to the principal. All damages or loss of facilities or misuse of the same by pupils or the public should be reported immediately to the principal, who in turn will report such items of major concern to the superintendent.

Alterations and Repairs to Buildings:

No major alterations, additions or repairs shall be made by anyone to any school building, unless a requisition covering the same has been presented to the superintendent and his recommendations approved by the board of education. The board should be notified of any major damage.
Maintenance Procedures:

*A work order form is to be used for maintenance service requests.
*All requests for maintenance services are to be made by the principal to the director of business and support services.
*Requests made directly to maintenance personnel will not be honored.

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