5012 - Driver Education


Driver Education is to help the students become more aware of the elements around them as they drive. These elements should influence their selection of speed and position in traffic. Another goal is to help them develop knowledge and skills to become a safe, effective user of the highway transportation system. They will need this knowledge and skills not only as a driver of a motor vehicle, but also as a pedestrian, a passenger or a bicyclist.


To introduce the students to the complexities and responsibilities of operating a motor vehicle in a modern and mobile society.    

Instruction Areas:
Rules of the road, including state and local ordinances Social relations of an automobile
Operation and maneuvering skills related to an automobile Safety-minded perceptual and decision making techniques Functioning of the automobile systems
Maintenance of the automobile systems
Recognition and cooperation with other highway users Accident prevention
Aid given to injured
Financial requirements of the automobile, including insuring and buying Driver Education instruction is provided in a two-phase program:

Classroom - one quarter during the school yearfor 30 hours of instruction.
Car - six hours behind the wheel, and six hours observing other student's instruction on the road.
One-fourth of a unit of elective credit is given for the Drivers Education class

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