4079 - Graduation Requirements

(Amended January 9, 2018)

The State Office of Education has established standards for elementary and secondary education, which include the identification and mastery of core curriculum. Formal assessment shall occur during or at the completion of the primary grades (3) and again during or at the completion of the intermediate grades (6). Informal assessment should occur on a frequent ongoing basis to insure continual student progress. Provision for remediation is required for all students who fall short of mastery.



Social Studies


Introductory Citizenship


Principles and Practices



Problem Solving

Movement, Fitness and Health


Computer Literacy


Mastery of foundation skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, arithmetic and problem solving shall be achieved by the completion of the sixth grade.

MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                                 Updated and Revised 4-15-14(Administrative Rule R277-700-5

Students in 7th and 8th grades must earn a minimum of 16 units of credit at the completion of 8th grade in order to qualify for advancement to 9th grade. A remediation program will be provided to students who are falling deficient of specified credits. Student must meet all requirements in all academic areas as specified.

Students in grades seven and eight will earn a minimum of 16 units of credit/courses will occur during or at the completion of the eighth grade. Formal assessment of student mastery

Mastery of foundation skills in the processes and structure of democratic governance and consumer skills shall be achieved at the completion of the eighth grade.

Grades 7 – 8 General Core Requirements                    Revised and updated 1-9-2018 Administrative Rule R277-700

New Requirements January 3

Grade 7

Language Arts



Utah History

Grade 8

Language Arts



U.S. History


At least one course in each of the following grades 7 or 8:

  • Health Education
  • College and Career Awareness
  • Digital Literacy
  • Physical Education and
  • The Arts

                                  High School Credit Requirements

          Core Credits 18.5 needed                                             

  • English/Language Arts (4 Credits)

  • Mathematics (3 Credits):

                     Successful completion of Secondary Mathematics I, II, and III or higher.

                     Parents may request that students replace Secondary III with a course from the Applied or Advanced approved course list. (Accounting is an example)

                     Students who successfully complete Calculus have met graduation requirements regardless of the number of credits they have taken.

  • Science (3 Credits):

                     2 Credits (from the four science foundation areas; Earth Systems, Biological Science, Chemistry, AP Computer Science, or Physics).

                     1 Credit (from the foundation courses or the applied or advanced science)


  • Social Studies (3 Credits):

                     1 Credit (United States History)

                     0.5 Credit (Geography)

                     0.5 Credit (Civilization)

                     0.5 Credit (United States Government and Citizenship)

                     0.5 Credit (Local Education Agency (LEA) Discretion)

  • Physical Education

                     0.5 Credit (Participation Skills)

                     0.5 Credit (Fitness for Life)

                     0.5 Credit (Individualized Lifetime Activities)

                     Optional: 0.5 Credit Maximum (Team Sport/Athletic Participation*)

*           Can be used in place of Participation Skills or Individualized Lifetime Activities only.

                     0.5 Credit (Health)

                     1.5 Credit (Fine Arts)

                     1 Credit Vocational (Career and Technical Education (CTE)

                     0.5 Credit (Computer Technology)

                     0.5 General Financial Literacy


Any courses taken outside of the core credits will be considered electives.

Students are required to take elective credits in addition to the core to meet total credit requirements.

Transition to A/B block scheduled total credit requirements:

Total credits required:

Class of 2019 - 26 credits

Class of 2020 - 28 credits

Class of 2021 - 30 credits

Class of 2022 - 32 credits


Concurrent enrollment credits can count for high school graduation requirements. School counselor and high school principal will have final decisions on the alignment of these credits based on concurrent enrollment classes aligning with high school core credit requirements.


A College Career Ready Plan (CCR) will be developed cooperatively by the student, designated school counselor and parents. This plan will be guided by the general requirements; individual student interests and goals; and be formally reviewed in at least the beginning of grade 1 and at the end of grades 3 and 6 and annually thereafter. Each student's high school plan will identify an area of concentration (perhaps as much as four to five units) in a cluster related to his/her post-secondary goal.


A student must be registered for nine (9) units each quarter until all required courses are completed. Any secondary school student who has completed all required courses may, with the approval of the student, the student's parent or guardian, and local school official, graduate at any time following the conclusion of the eleventh grade as provided in Section 53A-15-101 of the Utah Code Annotated 1953.

WORK-BASED LEARNING                                                          

Senior students, who are on track for graduation, and in good academic standing, may enroll for up to two hours of work-based learning with elective credit. Verification of employment and satisfactory job performance are required for continued enrollment.


A high school diploma shall be granted to a student who has met the State Board of Education requirements and any additional requirements of the Piute County School District.

Definition of unit of credit, State Core


A unit of credit or fraction thereof shall be given upon satisfactory completion of a course or learning experience in compliance with state course standards. Transfer of credit and grades will be accepted from any school accredited or approved by the  Utah State Board of Education or accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools without alteration. Students also may complete a course on a performance basis in which case assessment of mastery will be the responsibility of the local board of education. Credit can be awarded only once for a specific required course with the same content during the secondary school experience.

Ways of earning credit:

*** Successful completion of course, or

*** Demonstrated proficiency, via pre-assessment, or

*** Demonstrated mastery of approved courses outside of school day or year, or

*** Concurrent enrollment in approved post-secondary training institutions.

*** Demonstrated mastery of approved correspondence or extension courses, or

*** Upon application, demonstrated mastery in special experimental programs,

*** Completion of National Guard active duty may earn up to 3.0 units of elective credit.

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