4081 - Jr. High Remediation

Remediation – 7th and 8th Grade

Accepted October 2014

Amended February 10, 2015

Tier one - Regular class instruction. Email grades home weekly on Mondays.

Tier Two – Student meets with counselor to develop a plan to pass the class

(Intervention occurs before the class is failed). Involves teacher and parents as needed. Phone calls home for all failing students every Monday.

Tier Three – Remediate failed class (letter home).

There are three required parts to remediate a class:

  • Attend a minimum of three after school tutoring sessions or a minimum of six out of school hours with the teacher of the failed class. Additional time may be required to complete the packets at the teacher’s discretion in accordance with the workload to be remediated.

(Summer school will be provided for a two-week period for Jr. high students who may need remediation based on 4th quarter grades.)

  • It is the student’s responsibility to approach his/her teacher and ask for a packet to remediate the class. The teacher will then deliver the packet to the teacher in charge of tutoring. Packets will need to remain at school and can only be worked on during after-school tutoring or with the teacher of the failed class. The packet must be finished and then graded by teacher.
  • Pay the $20 remediation fee per required class failed.

While the student is in the remediation process, his/her iPads will go on the filtered app store until remediation requirements are met. Courses failed must be remediated by the end of the year or the student will be required to repeat the grade.

Tier Four – Repeat grade    


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