4082 - High School Credit Recovery & Intervention

Credit Recovery 9th-12 Grade

Accepted October 2014

Tier one - Regular class instruction. Email grades home weekly on Mondays.

Tier Two – Student meets with counselor and discusses what is not working (intervention occurs before the class is failed). Involves teacher and parents as needed. Phone calls home for all failing students every Monday.

Tier Three – Credit recovery for failed class (letter home)

      There are three required parts to recover a class:

  • Obtain a packet from the counselor. Packet can be done at school or on the student’s own time. When the packet is finished it will be graded by the course subject teacher.
  • Student will take a proctored test on the packet. 70% is required to pass. The student will only have two chances to pass the test (if the student retests it will be with a different test form).
  • Pay the $20 credit recovery fee.

Tier Four – Student will use an outside of district resource to recover credit at student’s own cost. List of options will be give to them by the counselor. At the end of high school if the student does not restore credit or falls too far behind in credit they will be referred to the district adult education program.

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