4004 - Non-Resident Students


Nonresident students desiring to enroll in any school in the Piute County School District shall file an application for admission with the Superintendent of schools. The Superintendent shall determine to his/her satisfaction that the applicant meets guardianship requirements before approval is given.

The Board of Education will annually decide whether to charge tuition to non-resident students. If the Board decides to charge tuition, they will also set the amount.

The school district may refuse admission to school of school-age students who do not have a parent or legal guardian living within the District.

The school district may refuse admission to school, any school-age student whose placement record indicates that he/she may be harmful or damaging to -the safety and well being of other students. School officials should work with other appropriate city, county, and state agencies for proper placement of such students.

Two Utah laws are applicable in this case. The first, 53-6-23, states: Children residing in one district in the state may attend school in another district in the state providing permission is granted by the Board of Education of the district attended. The attendance of such children shall be reported by the district attended.
In addition, Section 53-6-25 says: Board of Education of Utah school districts may permit children residing outside the state to attend schools within the district but the attendance of such children shall not be included for the purpose of the apportionment of state funds. A district Board of Education of a Utah school district shall charge such tuition as it sees fit on the account of children residing outside of the state who are permitted to attend school in the Utah District.

The key word in both sections of the law is may. It is the intent to lodge the decision of admission of nonresident students with the Board of the district in which students desire to attend. Thus, if a student does not have a parent of legal guardian residing within the school district, admission could be refused. On the other hand, students could be admitted under the regulations contained in the two sections of law quoted above.


In compliance with Senate Bill Number 232 passed by the 1983 Utah State Legislature, the Piute County Board of Education hereby adopts the following policy: Nonresidents who desire to enroll in the Piute County schools, will be required to pay a tuition fee (at least equal to the per capita cost of the school program) as determined annually by the Board of Education. This payment is to be made at the school district office. The annual tuition fee is $7,000.00. This may be paid prior to the beginning of school in the fall or at the rate of $1750.00 paid prior to the beginning of each quarter. Once these students are enrolled, they are not to be included in the district's reports for the purpose of obtaining state funds.
Students who plan to attend the Piute County schools, and whose parents or legal guardian reside out of state, must have bona fide legal appointed guardianship established with whom they
will reside (in Piute County) prior to a school registration permit being issued; otherwise, the required tuition fee must be paid prior to enrollment. 

Exceptions to the above policy are exchange students sponsored by an agency approved by the Utah State Board of Education, with the Piute County Board's approval of enrollment of the exchange student prior to the student's arrival in the United States. 

Citizens of a foreign nation may enroll in the schools of the Piute County School District under the following conditions:

  1. Applicants shall supply evidence to the Superintendent that they: A.Have sufficient reading, writing, and speaking knowledge of the English language to succeed in the various courses of study.  B.Have a sponsor who will be responsible for their physical and economic needs.  C.Meet any other requirements of the United States Department of Immigration and Naturalization.  D.Have been approved by the Utah State board of Education.
  2. Foreign students will be counted for attendance and membership to receive apportionment of State Funds if the Foreign Exchange Program they are enrolled with has     met all State guidelines.
  3. Payment of registration (1-20) fee due when 1-20 form is picked up. (Non refundable)
  4. Transcript of credits will accompany the application.
  5. Utah School Immunization Record must be completed.
  6. Complete power of attorney papers.
  7. Pay school fees.
  8. If a student is failing, not attending classes, or not adhering to district policies, the school district has the option to change the student's status.
  9. It is the policy of Piute School District that Foreign Exchange Students will receive an honary high school diploma unless it is appealed by the student to the Board of Education upon entering Piute High School. The appeal will be reviewed and a decision will be made on a case by case basis. This may be influenced by previous and present performance. The student must meet all graduation requirements. The diploma will specify "Foreign Exchange Student" to avoid participation in a "duel" diploma, meaning receiving a diploma from our school and the student's foreign school.


  1. The school district in which acceptance is sought has the right to designate which grade levels, classes, schools, or programs are available to non-resident students. A list of available programs may be requested from the district office beginning December 21 for the transfer request period. Verification of student standing may be required by requested district.
  2. A district may give preference to its own students seeking transfers within the district before accepting transfer students from outside the district. Students who live within school or district boundaries have first preference to the resident school.
  3. A school district must determine and outline in writing its policy for selecting students to attend specific schools or programs within its district after the application period is closed.
  4. Application must be made between January 15 and 4:00 p.m.: on February 15, (February 16 for 94 of the year preceding the school year in which admission is sought).
  6. Parents/students will be notified in writing by March 15, of acceptance or rejection.
  7. A one-time $5.00 processing fee will be charged at the time of application, payable to the requested school district.
  8. Transfer permits are granted on an individual basis. An enrollment guarantee for siblings is not implied.
  9. Transportation to and from the requested school is the responsibility of the parent/guardian of the student.
  10. Though a student need not reapply annually while in the same school (i.e elementary, middle, junior high, high school), the student MUST reapply to the district when moving from one school level to the next.
  11. The commitment to attend a non-resident district or school is for the full school year.
  12. A student selected and notified to attend a non-resident district must inform the district of his intention to attend. If such confirmation is not made by April 1, a district may assume that the student will not be attending its district and may refuse the student's application for attendance the following year.
  13. Utah High School Activities Association guidelines and policies are controlling for students who participate in high school athletics and activities.

(Revised September 1997)

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