4019 - Dress and Grooming Standards

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Student dress standards reflect the school’s mission to help students become college and career ready. The code of dress for students in Piute School District is based upon the premise that proper dress and grooming habits facilitate an effective learning environment. It is important that the school board, administrators, teachers, parents, students, school personnel, and community take a unified position in promoting standards of dress and grooming that enhance the safety and security of classrooms and protect the rights of students to an education. The importance of reducing distractions and interference that inhibit learning cannot be minimized.

Students will receive annual training regarding the following dress code requirements by either the student body officers or school staff. Students will annually verify they have read and understand the school dress and grooming standards.

  1. Dress should never distract from school activities or prove a hazard to the students' safety or to the safety of others.
  2. The attire and grooming of all students should be neat, clean, and safe. The wearing of gang symbols, jewelry, and emblems will not be permitted. Visible body piercing will not be allowed except for girls’ earrings.
  3. Students have a responsibility to cooperate fully with clothing standards required for special classes (such as shop, gym, home economics, laboratories, etc.) and special school activities.
  4. Hair should be neat, clean and of a natural color, not distracting to the educational process or affiliated with group activity. The principal shall make all decisions on questions of whether hair is a "natural color." Boys will be expected to be clean shaven. A well­-trimmed mustache, goatee will be acceptable. Any leader of a group that represents the district may require additional standards for participation in that activity (music, debate, athletics, etc.) and is subject to approval by the principal.
  5. Any apparel displaying profanity, suggestive language, slogans, symbolism, or promoting substances illegal for consumption by a minor will not be allowed.
  6. Hats or other head coverings may be worn in school during regular school hours with the following exceptions:
    1. Individual teachers may request they are not worn in his or her classroom.
    2. Hats or other head coverings must be removed during the Pledge of Allegiance or other times that would require students to display respect and professionalism such as assemblies and in school pictures.
    3. Hats and other head coverings may not be worn if doing so disrupts the educational environment, poses a danger to self or others, or limits the ability of others to identify the student. (Hoods and head coverings that are full brimmed [i.e. cowboy hats, beach hats, etc] are not permitted)
    4. Hats or other head coverings must be worn respectfully at all times. (Hats or other head coverings may not be worn backwards or sideways)
    5. Elementary students are not allowed to wear hats or other head coverings.
    6. Hats or head coverings will not be permitted when students travel for school activities and field trips unless a hat or head covering is part of a team uniform and is permitted by the coach, advisor, or supervisor.
  7. Clothes that are mutilated or immodest, such as tank tops, half-shirts and cut-offs are not appropriate school wear. Any apparel revealing a bare midriff or bare shoulder is not permissible.
  8. Dress and skirt lengths should be modest and not revealing. Mini-skirts aren't allowed.
  9. Shorts that are modest in appearance and length may be worn. Length of the shorts should be at the fingertip when standing for elementary students and midway between the thigh and knee for secondary students. Biker shorts and cut-offs are not appropriate school apparel.
  10. Any apparel approved for school wear should be worn in accompaniment with appropriate undergarments and suitable footwear. Shoes, boots and sandals are considered suitable. Flip-flops are considered acceptable footwear where they are not a safety hazard. eg. shop and PE classes.
  11. Ragged, tattered clothes are not appropriate. 
  12. The principal will have administrative discretion on gray areas pertaining to dress codes. In consultation with the school district office the principal may temporarily modify or suspend dress code requirements based on extenuating circumstances. 

Adherence to the above policy shall be the responsibility of faculty and principal. Please refer to Safe Schools and Appropriate Conducts Policy 4091a for discipline procedures. 

Revised January 12th, 2021
Revised April 14th, 2020
Revised June 8th, 2004
Revised April 11th, 2000

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