4073 - Homework


The purpose of homework is to:

  1. Provide essential practice in needed skills.
  2. Train students in good work habits.
  3. Provide opportunity for increasing self direction.
  4. Enrich and extend learning experiences.
  5. Acquaint students with out-of-school learning resources.
  6. Encourage students to accept responsibility for learning.

All homework should be an integral part of the total learning experience. If it is, all of the following questions can be answered "yes.”.

  1. Does the homework serve a valid purpose?
  2. Is it well within the capabilities of the student?
  3. Has the student been motivated for the work?
  4. Do the assignments grow out-of-school experiences?
  5. Is the work related to students' interests?
  6. Does the assignment extend students' fund of information?
  7. Is the work adapted to the individual needs of the student?
  8. Are the students entirely clear about what they are to do?
  9. Can the students do the work without the assistance of parents or others?
  10. Is the assignment a reasonable one in view of the students' home conditions?
  11. Does the assignment minimize the temptation merely to copy information?
  12. Can the homework be evaluated fairly and used in the daily program?


  1. Don't assign homework over the weekend or during special school holidays such as Fall Vacation, Thanksgiving, UEA Convention, etc.
  2. Don't make homework a form of student punishment.
  3. Don't make assignments unless they will be corrected by the teacher or discussed in class.
  4. Don't make assignments so difficult that they lead to cheating.
  5. Do make assignments that cover concepts that have been taught in class.
  6. Do insure that parents understand the homework policy.
  7. Do consider the student who procrastinates. Periodic checks should be made with each student to insure that progress is being made toward completion of long-term assignments.

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