4077 - Dual Enrollment/Homeschooled Participation

Dual Enrollment—

Any child may participate in a dual enrollment in any academic activity in the schools of the District and either a regularly established private school or a home school subject to compliance with the same rules and requirements that apply to a  full-time students’ participation in the activity.  A student enrolled in a dual enrollment program is considered a student of the District for purposes of state funding to the extent of the student's participation in the District school’s programs.

Participation in Extra-curricular Activities—

Students exempted from compulsory public school education by the Board for instruction in private or home schools may be eligible for participation in extracurricular public school activities provided they are taking courses comparable to traditional school courses or earning credit under options outlined in R277-700-6 in at least as many of the designated courses as required by the Board of students for participation in that activity. 
Dual enrollment students shall be eligible for extracurricular activities consistent with eligibility standards for fully enrolled students.  The private or home school student may only participate in extracurricular or school day activities at the school within whose boundaries the student's custodial parent(s) or legal guardian resides.


Private and home school students participating in extra-curricular activities or dual enrollment are responsible for school fees in the same manner as full-time public school students. School fees for private or home school students shall be waived by the school or school district if required under Utah law and state board of education policy.
Utah Admin. R277-438-4.

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