4118 - Liability for Property Damage


The parent or legal guardian having legal custody of a minor will be held liable for damages sustained to school property not to exceed $2,000 when:
A. The minor intentionally damages, defaces, destroys, or takes school property. This includes graffiti which means any unauthorized painting, writing, spraying, scratching, affixing, or inscribing on the property of Piute School District.
B. The minor intentionally and unlawfully tampers with school property and recklessly endangers human life or recklessly causes or threatens a substantial interruption or impairment of school services.
C. The court may waive part or all of the liability for damages by the parent or legal guardian if the offender has been adjudicated in juvenile court only:
  1. upon a finding of good cause; or
  2. If the parent or legal guardian:
i.made a reasonable effort to restrain the wrongful conduct;
ii.reported to the school district officials involved or the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction after he knew of the minor's unlawful act. No report is required from a parent or legal guardian if the minor was arrested or apprehended by a peace officer or by anyone acting on behalf of the School District.
D.The student may be suspended or otherwise disciplined for willfully damaging or injuring school property.
E.Piute School District may withhold the issuance of official written grade reports, diploma, and transcripts of the student responsible for the damage or loss until the student or the student's parent or guardian has paid for the damages.
F.If the student and student's parent or guardian are unable to pay for the damages, or if it is determined by the school in consultation with the student's parents that the student's interests would not be served if the parents were to pay for the damages, then, the school district shall provide for a program of voluntary work for the student in lieu of the payment:
i.The district shall release the official grades, diploma, and transcripts of the student upon completion of the voluntary work.
G.Before any penalties are assessed under this policy, the Board of Education will insure that a student's right to due process is protected.

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