3074 - Communication Policy

Approved February 14, 2017

Communication Accountability

The leadership of Piute County School District has a responsibility to provide information about the goals, programs, progress and needs of our schools to our staff and the public.

PCSD will promote effective communications protocols between the district, schools, and the public that will build mutual confidence, improve morale, foster goodwill, promote cooperation, and encourage support for the district, schools, school board, administration, teachers, and other staff. It is the goal of Piute County School District and schools to provide effective communication.

PCSD Crisis and quick response for pressing matters:

PCSD and schools may utilize an electronic communication system that will provide accurate and quick information in dealing with school drills and/or school crisis situations. In addition, the electronic communication system may be used to inform parents of testing, surveys, announcements, and other various items when the district feels parents or stakeholders may need quick and participatory feedback in communications.

Internal/External Communications with sensitive matters:

When dealing with sensitive matters, school administrators and district office leadership will coordinate efforts in understanding the facts, timing, and approach needed to share such information with employees and community patrons. Parent and employee communication is paramount and must be provided systemically, by protocol, and in accordance with the law. It is realized that some sensitive facts and details surrounding a teacher conduct issue, student incident, or other event cannot be shared with the public; however, administrators will provide statements to the board and employees that can be shared with the community that will not violate confidentialities of students or employees or other matters. District/School administrators will promptly provide information to the public, employees, and others on sensitive matters once facts, legalities, and confidentiality factors have been identified.

Protocol Steps on Sensitive Matters:

Step 1) Identify facts surrounding situation

Step 2) Identify what can be shared legally

Step 3) Identify what parties are most affected (to whom should the information be shared)

Step 4) Identify timelines, dynamics, and approach to the communication elements

Step 5) Develop statements that can be shared by the board, employees, and administrators that will not violate confidentialities

Step 6) Initiate communications

Communications with electronic devices is detailed in the acceptable use policies.

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