2094 - Complaint Policy


A "complaint" is a claim based upon an event or condition causing dissatisfaction and disagreement between or among the parties involved.

The "complainant" is the person or persons who make the claim.


The purpose of this policy is to secure, at the lowest possible administrative level, equitable solutions to complaints. This policy applies to any complaints related to the District or District employees. It is the Districts intent that all complaints follow the procedures outlined below so that complaints are resolved efficiently and satisfactorily for all involved.


Consistent with this policy, the school board, and administration shall refer all complainants to Level 1 before addressing a complaint at the administrative and/or school board level. Any complaint received that has not gone through this process will be re-directed to follow this process.

Level 1:      

The complainant and other person or persons involved shall attempt to resolve issues of concern via personal meetings or other appropriate communications with parties of concern.

Level 2:

If the complaint is not resolved by meeting directly with interested parties, the complainant shall notify the supervisor or building administrator responsible for the subject of the complaint. Upon receipt of an informal complaint, the principal or immediate supervisor shall initiate action to resolve the issue within five (5) working days by coordinating and mediating the processes necessary for satisfactory resolution of the complaint. If necessary, the supervisor or building administrator will pursue an investigation into the complaint. An informal complaint decision will be rendered by the principal or immediate supervisor at the conclusion of five (5) working days or following the meeting with all parties, whichever is sooner.

Level 3:

Formal complaints are to be made in writing when the complainant is not satisfied with the disposition of the issue through the informal complaint process at Levels 1 and 2. The complainant may, within ten (10) working days after the informal complaint decision has been rendered, file the complaint, in writing, with the superintendent along with the written informal complaint decision of the Level 2 supervisor or building administrator. Within ten (10) working days after receipt of the formal written complaint, the superintendent will meet with the complainant in an effort to resolve the issue and shall investigate the complaint to the extent necessary to render a decision regarding the complaint. At the conclusion of ten (10) working days or following the meeting with the complainant, the superintendent shall issue a written decision regarding the complaint.

Level 4:

In the event the complainant is not satisfied with the Level 3 decision, and in the event the complaint involves the following matters, the complainant may request, through the superintendent, a review before the Board:

  • Professional wrong doing
  • Allegations of illegal activities
  • Safe schools violations
  • Allegations of violations of state or federal law

If the complaint involves any of the above referenced matters, the Board shall review the complaint at the next scheduled Board meeting after receipt of the request and the formal complaint decision of the Superintendent. This review will take place in open and public session unless the complaint relates to character or professional competence of physical or mental health of an individual, or any other topic for which a closed meeting will be held. The Board's decision shall be final and shall be made within ten (10) working days of the hearing.

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