2060 - Salary Schedule Steps & Lanes

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Amended September 1999
Amended November 12, 2002
Amended May 13, 2003
Amended June 7, 2016
Amended October 11, 2016

1. Salary Schedule Lane Changes
A. Credit hours used to qualify for a lane change must be graduate/upper division credit. (Graduate courses are assumed to be those identified as 500 and above by colleges and universities. Thirty (30) quarter hours or twenty (20) semester hours will be required for a lane change between BS and MS, and forty-five (45) quarter hours or thirty (30) semester hours will be required for a lane change above a MS.
B. One-quarter (1/4) of the required hours for a lane change may be state approved in-service credit which has been recorded on state records.
Credit hours used for lane changes beyond the masters degree lane must be earned after the educator has been awarded a masters degree.
C. Employees who plan to change salary lanes must submit evidence of qualification for the new lane on or before March 15th and verify with official transcripts by September 15th. The March deadline ensures the lane change can be included in the school district budget. If an exception to either deadline is granted by the Superintendent the lane change amount may be adjusted.
D. Any exception including credit hours that earn the teacher an endorsement or teaching major or minor which may not be graduate hours, will be allowed provided the hours are directly related to the employee's assignment and have prior approval by the Superintendent or Human Resources Director.

2. Salary Schedule Step Placement and Advancement
A. A salary schedule shall be adopted annually by the school board.
B. Employees shall be placed on the salary schedule according to position, education, and experience. Such classification is made at the time of appointment.
C. Normally, all new employees shall be hired at the first step on the schedule for the classification involved. Credit for experience may be allowed and the employee hired at the step authorized by the superintendent. Five years credit will generally be the maximum given.
D. Annual one-step pay increases will be granted upon completion of 75% of one year of service by July 1st

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