2063 - Assignment, Reassignment, and Transfer

(Adopted September 10, 2002)
(Revised september 10, 2015)

Personnel will be assigned, reassigned, and/or transferred by the superintendent or designee to positions for which the employee’s preparation, certification, experience, and aptitude fit for the betterment of the school system. The following conditions, among others, will be considered when making assignments, reassignments, and/or transfers:

  • Increases or decreases of enrollment in various grades and classes.
  • Opening of new buildings or closing of old ones.
  • Changes in organization of the school system.    
  • Addition or elimination of an educational service.
  • Vacancies created by promotions, leaves of absence, death, retirement, resignation and the like.
  • The employee can better serve the District in the position to which he or she is transferred.

Extra Duty assignments such as coaches, advisors, and all other employees who have assignments beyond the primary duty for which the employee was hired will be made by the building principals or direct supervisors in collaboration with the superintendent.

The superintendent will collaborate with administrators and the board in regards to assignments, transfers, and reassignments. If the Board determines there are procedural errors in the assignment, transfer, or reassignment process the Board may veto the decision. If the Board vetoes an assignment, transfer or reassignment, the superintendent will work with building principal or direct supervisor on other options and considerations.

Requests for Personal Transfers, Assignments and Reassignments:

The superintendent or designee will consider requests for personal transfers, assignments, and reassignments, initiated by an employee compatible with the employee's qualifications. The board will have discretion in transfers assignments, and reassignments relating to administrative positions. The board/ superintendent or designee retains the right to honor requests or open for interview process.


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