3077 - Employee Devices Standards of Conduct

Employee Standards of Conduct:

Employee Acceptable Use of Personally Owned Electronic Communication Devices


In some instances, the possession and use of electronic communication devices by District employees may be appropriate.  However, the use of such devices by District employees can also have the effect of distracting and disrupting the employee and others in the school setting.  These devices also may lead to disruptions of the educational process.  The purpose of this policy is to vest in school and District administrators the authority to enforce reasonable rules relating to electronic communication devices in the workplace.


  1. An "electronic communication device" includes cellular and PCS telephones, camera telephones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), two-way radios or video broadcasting devices, pagers, and any other device that allows a person to record and/or transmit, on either a real time or delayed basis, sound, video or still images, text, or other information.

Personally Owned Electronic Communication Devices—

Employees may carry and use personally owned electronic communication devices on school property subject to rules and regulations promulgated by the Board of Education.  Employees who violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action.
Electronic communication devices should not be turned on during the employee’s normal duty time to send or receive messages of a personal nature except in emergency situations or with pre-approval from the Superintendent or school principal or designee.  Personal use of an electronic communication device is allowable during normal break times, lunch times, and preparation times.  Electronic communication devices should not be used during instructional time or at school-sponsored programs, meetings, in-services, parent(s)/guardian(s) conferences, or any other time where there would be a reasonable expectation of quiet attentiveness.  
Electronic communication devices must be used in an ethical and responsible manner.  It is school district policy that students and others in the public schools should not be subject to video or audio capture, recording, or transmission of their words or images by any employee without express prior notice and explicit consent for the capture, recording, or transmission of such words or images.  There are certain situations where the possession or use of electronic communication devices and cameras is absolutely prohibited within the public school.
Employees operating a school bus, or any other District-owned or leased vehicle, are prohibited from operating the vehicle while using an electronic communication device, whether personally owned or District issued, except: 
  1. During an emergency situation;
  2. To call for assistance, after stopping the vehicle, if there is a mechanical breakdown or other mechanical problem;
  3. When the vehicle is stopped and where the electronic communication device is owned by the District and used as a digital two-way radio;
  4. When the school bus or other vehicle is parked.    
Utah Code Ann. § 53A-3-402

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