1161 - Student Advocate Description

Reports To: Piute High School Principal


Responsible for providing guidance and advocacy to students to ensure they meet attendance requirements and help facilitate the concurrent enrollment process, as well as, oversee the Sterling Scholar Program.


Sterling Scholar Coordination and Oversight

  • Educate students 9-12 on Sterling Scholar Program and process.
  • Work directly with Sterling Scholars on development of portfolios.
  • Coordinate the mock interview to prep sterling scholars for regional competition.
  • Facilitate the application and selection process for Sterling Scholars.
  • Work with school counselor to educate Sterling Scholars on scholarships available for them as high school or regional winners.
  • Coordinate with parents, students, admin, andteachers on Sterling Scholar program and progress.
  • Work with local stakeholders on scholarship donations for Sterling Scholars.
  • Coordinate with school principal on yearly Sterling Scholar banquet.
  • Maintain High School Sterling Scholars recognition process.
  • Make students aware of timelines leading to:

*Mock interviews.

*Portfolio due dates local and regional.

             *Regional competition date.


  • Communicatetimely with students and their families to ensure effective school attendance.
  • Evaluate student progress with attendance and follow attendance policy protocol on informing parents of attendance issues.
  • Work with Principal on behavioral contracts surrounding truancy.
  • Coordinate with community partners to build resources. Make home visits to obtain information students concerningtruancy.
  • Participate in stakeholder conferences to develop student action plans when attendance intervention is needed.
  • Collaborate with Principal and juvenile justice system, as well as, local law enforcement on truancy issues.

Concurrent Enrollment

  • Help supervise the concurrent enrollment students when they are in concurrent classes.
  • Ensure concurrent enrollment students are responsible and following college protocols.
  • Collaborate with IT director on questions or protocols dealing with technology for concurrent classes.

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