1135 -Technology Support Staff

Job purpose
The Purpose for this position is to help with the day-to-day support of district students and staff
with technology needs help. By having this position filled it will help alleviate the demand on the
Technology Director so more focus can be directed to more technical aspects of the networks and

Duties and responsibilities
The duties of the Technology Support Staff are outlined below.
   • Acts as the first point of contact for district students and employees with issues needing help with technology and its programs.    EXAMPLE: A student or employee needs help with resetting a password or running a program.
   • Provides help and support to PHS Students with technology devices and their uses.
   • Inspects damaged district owned devices and prepares devices for repairs.
   • Initiates new accounts for students that are new to the district. EXAMPLE: Creates email and other network accounts.
   • Monitors district AUP’s and device policies for students and acts on violations. EXAMPLE: Students downloading prohibited content will have restrictions placed on them. Making sure devices are stored properly and securely.
   • Performs secretary duties for the Technology Department as needed.
   • Coordinates Social Media and Website updates.
   • Responds to technology needs during testing at PHS.
   • Manages SIS software issues and support for users as directed.
   • Monitors UTREX errors and forwards problems to the correct user and aids in the resolution of errors.
   • Supports inventory management systems used by the district and enters inventory as needed.
   • Forwards advanced support needs to Technology Director.
   • Performs other duties and responsibilities assigned under the direction of the Technology Director.

Qualifications include:
   • High School Graduate.
   • Passing District background check.
   • Ability to be a problem solver.
   • Willingness to learn how to troubleshoot technology.
   • Self motivated individual.
   • Experience with technology devices.

Working conditions
Person will be working in the schools of the district and will be interacting with teachers and students.

Physical requirements
The job may require the ability to lift 25lbs. as the job requires. May require standing or sitting for long periods of time.

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