1137 - District Literacy Coach

Added November 11, 2014

School Principals/Superintendent

Literacy coach will be assigned to schools at the discretion of the Superintendent for instruction in consultation with building principals and teachers for literacy success and improvement.


Under the supervision of the Director of Educational Services the District Literacy Coach will provide researched-based professional development and support teachers with coaching cycles. The District Literacy Coach helps to guide schools toward sustainable school improvement by providing professional development services that focus on the implementation of the District’s professional development goals that include but are not limited to; Guided Language Acquisition, reflective collegial cycle of inquiry, data analysis, high performing learning communities, Writers’ Workshop, Readers’ Workshop, and instructional leadership through alignment of curriculum and instruction to state and district-identified Common Core State Standards.

The District Literacy Coach will spend the majority of time working with schools in providing professional development that would include, but not be limited to; coaching, observing, modeling of instructional literacy strategies that support the District’s literacy framework, guiding sites in assessing student work. The District Literacy Instructional Coach advocates for, facilitates, and supports the work of teachers, but does not perform supervision or evaluation. The role of a coach is separate and apart from the evaluative role of the principal or supervisor of the teacher.


  • Model best instructional practices, methods, materials, and technology that have proven to increase student literacy through supporting teachers and administration with classroom demonstrations, delivery of professional development using the district literacy initiative and side-by-side coaching with teachers
  • Engage in the cycle of coaching with teachers, making informal classroom observations and offering insights for the enhancement of teaching-learning situations in the area of literacy development. Feedback provided directly to teachers and administration will be for the purpose of instructional support and improvement.
  • Support individuals and collaborative teams in their effort to make data and research-based instructional decisions to support and increase student learning with a literacy lens
  • Provide school-level or district-level professional development related to district, school site, or department initiatives with an emphasis on literacy development
  • Develops an annual district literacy strategic plan
  • Provide effective communications with administrators, teachers, and other school personnel to strengthen all aspects of the instructional program with regards to literacy development at the secondary level (k-6)
  • Work collaboratively and communicate effectively with district level leadership to ensure rigorous, relevant curriculum and instructional practices that will increase student learning and achievement
  • Work collaboratively and communicate effectively with both site and district administration at all grade levels to strengthen vertical articulation and to create a seamless K-6 instructional program
  • Cultivate and model a respectful working and learning environment
  • Communicate effectively in written and oral form using positive interpersonal skills
  • Monitors current literacy programs and provides infrastructure support for literacy program success. Researches best practices in literacy and keep teachers updated on literacy best practices.
  • Participate in workshops, seminars, conferences and/or advanced coursework which further advance knowledge of current trends in literacy instruction
  • Exhibit knowledge and experience with the implementation of the Common Core State Standards
  • Attend district wide Admin Council periodically
  • Order instructional materials, if applicable, to support literacy instruction
  • Other duties as assigned by the superintendent or building principal

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