1158 - School Mental Health Coordinator

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The School Mental Health Coordinator provides specialized services to students, school staff, community agencies, and other professionals. Services are designed to assist School Culture, Students, Families, and Educational Professionals, in providing quality positive behavioral prevention/interventions. These services allow students to reach their highest educational, developmental, and social potential. 


Percentage of workload guidelines:

Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum; Prevention/Instruction 50%, Responsive/Group Services 25%, Individual Responsive Services 25%.



  • Develop expertise in school-wide positive behavior intervention systems of support and zones of regulation systems of support and ensure school-wide implementation and training
  • Be a primary support to school-level principals and school counselors in successful School Climate Transformation Grant (SCTG) implementation 
  • Contribute and Build School Culture
  • Ensure implementation of the Schools Student Services Team meetings Lead by School Counselor and assisted by Mental Health Coordinator (Mental Health Coordinator is the lead at elementary schools)
  • Teaching Social-Emotional Learning Programs through classroom and/or small group presentations
    • Self-esteem, Anger management, Impulse control, Social skills training, Empathy 
  • 1on1 life skills counseling
  • Family engagement
  • Work with school mental health team to plan individual school and/or system-wide programs to promote a positive and caring school culture 
  • Providing staff mental health support
  • Promote regular school attendance
  • Promote positive digital citizenship
  • Preventive interventions
  • Classroom management
  • Understands mental health and emotional impairments
  • Understands Family and psychosocial functioning
  • Identification of barriers to educational achievement
  • Conduct home visits
  • Promote safe, caring, and drug-free schools
  • Empowerment of/advocacy for students and teachers
  • Provide culturally competent services
  • Provide appropriate services for homeless students
  • Provide crisis intervention services
  • Participate in the development of behavioral modification plans when appropriate 
  • Coordination of services with other disciplines within the school
  • Support dropout prevention programs
  • Interpret the School Mental Health Counselors role to the community
  • Collaborate between the school/family/community
  • Attend school-based committee meetings
  • Serve on community interagency teams and other task force teams relevant to School Mental Health Counselors  (Child Fatality Team, Child Protection Team, Governor's One-on-One Board)
  • Serve on the school District Crisis Team to promote a safe school environment
  • Implement appropriate programs, groups, and initiatives to target at-risk populations (according to assessment)
  • Encourage parents to be actively engaged in their children's educational experiences
  • Maintain accurate and appropriate records and documentation
  • Other duties as assigned


Will participate in these and other activities:

Join and or Rotate with Guidance Counselors on attending

  • YCC
  • Communities that care
  • ALL will attend Quarterly counseling PLC
  • Student Support Services Summer Conference
  • Will attend Updates and essentials with CCG Team
  • Ferpa Training 


School Mental Health Coordinators report directly to the school level principal. They also receive guidance and supervision from CTE Center Administrator/Pathways Coordinator and the SCTG Coordinator. School Mental Health Coordinators work side by side with School Counselors within the Utah School Counseling Model. 

Policy Adopted April 13, 2021


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