1154 - District Secretary

REPORTS TO:    Superintendent and Business Administrator

JOB GOAL:    Develop good will among district staff and between the public and school district by communicating effectively and courteously, and by skillfully and professionally performing secretarial duties.


  1. Greets visitors and answers questions.
  2. Receives and routes incoming telephone calls.
  3. Helps prepare board agendas, folders, minutes, policies, and other related materials and correspondence. Delivers agendas to board members. Contacts the board concerning various events.
  4. Types agenda for custodial workshop and prepares folders.
  5. Supplies, distributes, and files student insurance .forms, claim forms, and accident forms.        
  6. Assists in stocking shelves with supplies. Processes purchase orders.
  7. Advertises most legal items in media.
  8. Keeps record of home school participants and distributes and updates forms.
  9. Helps formulate school, administrative and board meeting calendars.
  10. Assists with the following reports: First Report of Injury, student accident, driver education, custodial, and risk management.
  11. Types, files, and writes news releases as requested. Types reports, letters, and memos for Superintendent, assistant Superintendent, and business administrator.
  12. Distributes mail. Operates copy and fax machines.
  13. Performs other duties as assigned.

EVALUATION:    Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the board's policy on Evaluation of Support Service Personnel.

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