1138 - Teacher

Job Description

Job Summary:    Under the direction of the School Principal the teacher is responsible for the education of assigned students and will create a flexible program and class environment favorable for learning and personal growth. The teacher will establish effective rapport with students; motivate pupils to develop skills, attitudes, and the knowledge needed to provide a good foundation for further education, and do so in accordance with each student's ability. Professional relations will be developed and maintained with other staff and parents.

Essential Functions:

  1. Teaches subject matter, ie., reading; language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, art, health physical education, music, applied technology etc., utilizing the course of study adopted by the Board of Education, correlated with other appropriate learning activities.
  2. Develops lesson plans, adapt curriculum to meet individual student needs, and utilize effective teaching techniques in translating lesson plans into productive student learning experiences which best utilize the time available for instruction.
  3. Utilizes computers and other technological classroom support equipment in student instruction.
  4. Controls the storage and use of district owned property; makes minor adjustments and request repairs as required.
  5. Maintains classroom organization and discipline.
  6. Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior needed to achieve a functional learning atmosphere.
  7. Provides and maintains a safe and supervised environment in the classroom and on the school grounds.
  8. Devises and utilizes techniques which accurately measure student's progress.
  9. Evaluates student's academic and personal growth keeping appropriate records, and prepare progress reports.
  10. Communicates with parents through conferences and other means discussing academic and personal progress; interprets school programs.
  11. Communicates and cooperates with other professional staff in academic and personal growth areas.
  12. Demonstrates professional ethics as outlined by the Utah Professional Practices.
  13. Conforms to District policies including attendance, absences and evaluations.
  14. Attendance must be adequate to acceptably perform listed job functions.
  15. Accept special assignments or assist in extra-curricular activities.
  16. Attend meetings and in-service programs called by the principal or Superintendent unless properly excused.
  17. Require students under his/her charge to take reasonably good care of all district property, books, supplies, and equipment,
  18. Be neatly and appropriately attired in keeping with professional good taste when in the classroom and at all school functions.
  19. Maintain an attractive physical atmosphere in the classroom. Bulletin boards should be changed to promote and maintain an educational atmosphere.
  20. Work directly with the principal and consult with him/her for interpretation of district policy and detailed work of the school.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Necessary to Performance of Essential Functions:

  1. Possesses problem solving skills.,
  2. Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with students, school staff, district staff, and patrons.
  3. Communicates effectively.
  4. Has knowledge of State Core Curriculum and Board of Education adopted guides.

Required Education and Training for Essential Functions:

Valid Utah Teaching Certificate and subject specific endorsement, or alternative program leading to certification.

The list of essential or marginal functions for this position is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary. Marginal functions will be discussed upon hire.

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