1133 - Business Administrator

REPORTS TO:    Superintendent

SUPERVISES:    Staff members as designated by the Superintendent
JOB GOAL:    To administer the particular divisions with a maximum of efficiency, a minimum of waste, and an ever-present and overriding awareness of and concern for the impact of the divisions' efforts upon each student's education.


  1. Provides leadership in the development of a modern program.
  2. Coordinates and supervises the work of all staff members in the division assigned.
  3. Works cooperatively with leader$ of other administrative divisions in integrating and coordinating individual efforts into a unified program for the district.
  4. Keeps informed of and interprets all laws, regulations, statues, rules and policies affecting the division.
  5. Inaugurates studies and research in various aspects of the work of the division.
  6. Makes recommendations for the assignment of and termination of employment of all personnel encompassed within the area of operations.
  7. Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as the Superintendent may assign.


  1. Advises the Superintendent on questions related to business and finances.
  2. Assists in recruiting, hiring, training, supervising and evaluating all clerical, financial, and support staff personnel.
  3. Responsible for financial records of the school district and individual schools.
  4. Maintains records of business and property transactions.
  5. Assist the Superintendent in preparation of the annual budget.
  6. Acts as custodian of all monies belonging to the district.
  7. Gives a bond in such sum as shall be required before entering on the duties of the office, the premium on such bond to be paid by the board.
  8. Pays out district monies on written order of designated officials of the board.
  9. Gives detailed accounts of monies received and disbursed at least once a month prior to the regular meeting of the Board and at such other times as the board may request.
  10. Renders a full annual report at the end of each fiscal year.
  11. Provides organization and direction for routine office procedures.
  12. Gives public notice and attends all meetings of the Board.
  13. Assist in the preparation of agendas setting forth all known items of business to be
  14. Takes minutes of all Board of Education meetings and maintains a complete and accurate file of minutes.
  15. Publishes all legal notices concerning district business.
  16. Receives and maintains insurance policies secured by contractors, and verifies appropriate coverage for public liability, property damage, fire and workmen's compensation.
  17. Performs such other tasks as may be assigned.


  1. Assumes responsibility for the overall performance of the program including vendor contact, pricing, bidding, requisitions, purchase orders, adherence to state laws of purchasing as outlined.
  2. Studies price trends and market conditions and keeps informed of sources of supply and new product developments.
  3. Develops and maintains appropriate records, such as vendors' register, commodity register, and bidders' list.    
  4. Responsible for correspondence relating to school district and purchasing activities.
  5. Responsible for the operation of perpetual inventory systems.
  6. Meets with program supervisors on a regular basis.


  1. Assists in new construction: pre-construction planning; site selection, acquisition and development of architectural plan; visits construction site; investigates workmanship and materials; supervises payment of all outside contractors, testing laboratories, consulting engineers and surveying firms.


  1. Assumes responsibility for the general overall planning and performance of the School Food Service Program.
  2. Reviews and evaluates all requests and recommendations for purchase of new and replacement equipment.
  3. Consults, as needed, with school planners and architects on plans and specifications for new or renovated food preparation centers.
  4. Meets with program supervisors on a regular basis.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:    Twelve month basis - 260 days

EVALUATION:    Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board's policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.

Approved by:    Date:

Reviewed and agreed to by:    Date:

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